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Planning Your Education In Canada

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Planning Your Education In Canada

Getting admission to any higher education institution in Canada is an exciting as well as an overwhelming journey. Any aspirant would undergo a churning process right from choosing the desirable institution, gathering the right documents to arranging enough financial support to pursue an affordable education in Canada.

To simplify your process, here are the four most important things to know before you apply for Canada education.


Admission Process

Weather in Canada

Popular Student Destinations

Study Backlogs 

Admissions Process

Necessary documents to apply to any universities/colleges for Canada education:

  • TOEFL Score or IELTS Score
  • SAT Score Statement of Purpose/Essay
  • Letters of Recommendations
  • Educational documents (college and school certificates)
  • Financial documents

Planning your Canada education following the below timeline is a good idea.



Plan for Canada Education


Crack assessment exams for language proficiency and academic requirements


Shortlist the desired colleges & universities and apply for Canada education.

Now is also the best time to plan for a loan or any other financial assistance to cover your tuition and other expenses. 


Wait for interview calls and acceptance letter. If received, take an informed decision and not a decision in haste. 


[next year]

Paperwork to apply for a Student Visa. 

July- August

[next year]

Fly and achieve your dream education in Canada. 


You may also need to submit an income and funds proof to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) during the process of applying for Canada education. The income and funds proof will justify your financial stability and is assessed to see you through at least one year in Canada.

As a rule of thumb, a student is required to showcase enough funds worth CAD 10,000 for a year. In the case of dependents, additional proof of CAD 3,000-4000 per dependent is required to be submitted.

Ask our consultants for overseas education loan eligibility. You can also fill this assessment online to get a call back from our Canadian education consultant.

Popular Student Destinations For Canada Education

Universities like McGill University, The University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, and Simon Fraser University and colleges like Fanshawe College, Conestoga College, Seneca College, George Brown College, Centennial College are some of the popular choices among international students in realizing their dream education in Canada. By the virtue of it, places like Toronto, Montreal are teeming with international graduates, later awaiting permanent residency!

Ask our overseas education counselors to tell you more about permanent residency after graduating from any Canadian institution.

Weather in Canada

Canada’s geography stretched from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, divided into five time zones. As it may be, weather in Canada is popularly known after the famous immigrant destinations in Canada:

  • Montreal Weather – The weather here in winter is cold and snowy. During the winter months, the daytime temperatures are between -6°C to -15°C. Summer temperatures range from 15°C to 25°C.
  • Toronto Weather – Winter is milder than most Canadian cities. Summer temperatures range from 15°C to 25°C. During the winter months, the daytime temperatures are between -10°C to 12°C.
  • Vancouver Weather – Wet conditions prevail throughout the year. Summer is pleasantly warm with an average temperature of 22°C. Snowing is rare here. Winter temperature ranges from 3°C to 7°C.

So where are you planning your dream education in Canada? Ask our experts.

Study Backlogs

Often have our counselors come across this question: Do backlogs affect your chances of studying in Canada, otherwise securing a student visa?

In our experience in Canada education services on behalf of eligible students in the past, Canadian Universities follow merit-based admission. Yet some of the reputed Canadian Universities/Colleges may show leniency in accepting desirable international students even with backlogs, keeping your dream of Canada education alive.

Backlogs in Canadian Universities are calculated in terms of the number of subjects or in some instances the time taken to clear such backlogs. Your scores in major subjects of your graduation decide the fate of your admission. Also, a good score in standardized exams like IELTS, etc. will overshadow the effect of backlogs in your application.

As a general rule of thumb, we have seen candidates with a maximum of 5 backlogs & with a minimum of 70% in bachelors easily getting accepted. Some universities may even accept applications with a maximum of 7 or 8 backlogs & a minimum of 65%. Students with more than 10 or 12 backlogs are eligible to apply for PG diplomas in Canada.

Useful Tip: “Make sure to not submit your individual mark sheets that mention your fail attempts. Instead, include the transcripts from your University as they just give details about your cleared subjects. It works!”

Not that the process of applying for undergraduate/diploma courses in Canada is difficult, but the task is voluminous. Fulfilling all the formalities to realize your Canada education on your own may consume a lot of your productive time. It is advised to refer to a licensed Canadian education consultant like CanApprove to handle your admission as well as immigration formalities.

Book your free consultation to plan your Canada education today!

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Planning Your Education In Canada

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