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Stay back in Canada and settle

Once you visit Canada, you will never feel like leaving the place. Students who pursue their education in Canada are most likely to stay back in Canada and settle in this blissful land.

There has been a constant rise in the number of students who stay back in Canada after studying. The primary reason for this is the quality of Canadian Education system and the immense opportunities it proffers.

Another prominent reason is the fact that a Degree from Canada furthers one’s odds of stay back in Canada and acquiring Permanent Residence. The motive could vary, but a Degree from Canada can never go wrong, it can only be beneficial and could give you the opportunity to stay back in Canada after graduation.

Colleges and Universities in Canada have many programs in place that would allow students to stay back in Canada for up to 3 years and find a job in the extended time. Read on to know the ways you can stay back in Canada after graduation.

Post-Study Work Permit allowing stay back in Canada

Universities and Colleges allow International students to stay back in Canada and look for employment opportunities. The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program permits students to work up to 3 years, the time may vary according to the course duration.

The time allowing to stay back in Canada is decided as follows;
  • if the student is enrolled in a 1-year study program,
  • he/she could stay back in Canada for a year after course completion.
  • If the study is pursuing a program of two years, he/she could stay back in Canada for a duration of 3 years.

The post-study work allows the students to stay back in Canada as a worker; this permits them to work full-time up to 3 years after they graduate from a post-secondary institution in Canada.

The student visa does not automatically offer the privilege of a post-study work permit to students; they must apply for it within 180 days of course completion.

Permanent Residence visa for permanent stay back in Canada

Permanent Residence is the last step to stay back in Canada and once you get PR you don’t have to look back. It provides the freedom to settle, study, travel and work anywhere in Canada along with various social benefits offered by the government of Canada.

A post-study work permit will also allow the students to gain valid work experience which could lead to Permanent Residence and is one of the ideal options to stay back in Canada.

Students can work full-time as they wait for the approval of their PGWP application with their valid study visa. The post-graduation work permit qualifies the International students as temporary residents in Canada. The student can also apply for Permanent Residence and wait for its approval while working under this program.

International students, who have finished their course of 2 years in a post-secondary institution, and with an experience of working in a skilled position for 12 months, are eligible to apply for PR under a stream of Express Entry System’s called the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

There is another option for international students to acquire Permanent Residence in Canada other than CEC. The Provincial Nominee Program has provisions for special immigration that will enable students to stay back in Canada by getting permanent residence.

Newly introduced point system for stay back in Canada

A new point system has been implemented in Canada from November 19, 2016. The new point system decides the eligibility of international students and graduates to stay back in Canada and acquire PR.

International students who have completed their studies with a full-time program at a Canadian educational institution and who was physically present in Canada for at least 8 months are eligible to stay back in Canada and acquire PR visa under this program.

An international student will get 15 points if he/she has an eligible credential to stay back in Canada from a one-year or two-year post-secondary program in Canada

If an international student has either of the credentials below to stay back in Canada, he/she will be eligible for 30 points:

  • An eligible credential to stay back in Canada for three years or more from a post-secondary program,
  • An eligible credential to stay back in Canada at the master’s level from a university-level program,
  • An eligible credential to stay back in Canada at the doctoral level from a university-level program.

Taking the right advice and immigration services of an established education consultancy is the ideal way to start chasing your Canadian dream. If you are planning to pursue your higher studies and stay back in Canada, contact CanApprove now!

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