Study Visa Requirements Canada

Study Visa Requirements

A student visa is commonly referred to as a ‘study permit’ in Canada. It is important to carry an authentic, approved Study Permit which is the basic Canada study visa requirements before you leave so that you can enjoy trouble-free, legally valid education. By acquiring a Study Permit, a student is eligible to pursue primary, secondary, post-secondary level education as well as courses or training in vocational or professional capacity.

Canada study visa requirements insist a student enroll him/her in an institution or program in Canada to be eligible for the Study Permit; the institute or college or you are applying for should be listed in the DLI or Designated Learning Institutions, a list authorized by CIC. There are categories available through which students can request for a Study Permit viz. are S.P.P, General, and University. The duration of the Study Permit is the same as the course duration; in other words, the students can legally stay in Canada as long as the duration of their course. The Permit will allow the students to earn their degree in stipulated time; the students can look for stay back options and apply for it in the meantime if they wish to continue their stay in Canada and settle later.

The Study permit also allows the students to engage in employment activities such as part-time jobs to support their education; they can work up to 20 hours a week. The students can work part-time during the progress of the course and work full-time during the semester breaks.

The commencement of the Study Permit application must be started immediately after the student receives the letter of acceptance from concerned Universities or Colleges. If you are applying for a Masters Degree or a Bachelors Degree in Canada, the Permit processing time is usually 4 – 6 weeks. If one is applying for Student Partnership Program (SPP), the Study Permit processing time is much shorter; it will get processed in about 4 – 6 days. However, it is ideal to apply at least 2-3 months in advance or immediately after you get the College acceptance letter; apply as early as possible so that even if unanticipated circumstances crop up, you will get your permit before it is too late. To initiate Study Permit process, a candidate needs to furnish a letter of acceptance from a recognized educational institution.

Canapprove’s adroit team of advisors and Visa experts can assist you in assembling and arranging the right documents and ensure that you meet the Canada student visa requirements. Our experts will scrutinize all your documents you collate and make sure that your documents and application gets processed and approved swiftly. Our team will guide and assist you throughout the process; we will update you regularly on every progress made and will strive to lessen your strain as we do the legwork for you.

The basic Canada Student Visa requirements and the guidelines to be followed while applying are as follows.

Step 1:
The Canada study visa requirements process starts with Visa counseling. After receiving a Letter of Acceptance, students should ideally go for counseling and get advice from experts to enlighten themselves about the Visa Application. Taking to experts will help you know the process in and out and it is necessary that you know it even if you are taking help of an agency.

Step 2:
The next step of the Canada study visa requirements process would be to gather all the necessary visa documents and it includes:
Unconditional letter of acceptance
A completed visa application form
Fees receipts
A copy of your qualifications and transcripts.
Financial documents
Academic documents
Scholarship letter (if applicable)
Proof of English language proficiency, depending on the program applied
Medical report
Work experience certificates (if applicable)
Passport-size photographs

Step 3:
The third step of the Canada study visa requirements involves scrutinizing what you have done so far. Double check the application and all the documents furnished along with it. Discern the rules, guidelines and all the study visa requirements thoroughly before submitting the application.

Step 4:
Submit the Study Visa application.

Step 5:
Regularly check the status of the application and make sure that it is progressing.

The best way to ensure that you get a Study Permit by meeting all the Canada Study Visa requirements is to avail the assistance of an experienced agency and professionals such as CanApprove. Contact our experts who can assist you right from the beginning till you get your Canada study visa on hand.

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