Education System In USA

An American education system compared to other countries offers its students with a discrete choice of courses among a multitude of schools, programs, and locations that may even inundate the students of US. It is imperative that you get acquainted with the education system in America and understanding the system will aid you in consolidating your choices and develop your educational plan.

The Educational Structure

Students prior to their higher education attend primary and secondary schools for 12 years (combined). These years are referred to as first to twelfth.

  • Primary School- Children from age 6 attend primary schools which are also called the elementary school. This comprises around 5-6 years and then students are moved on to next level of study which is the secondary school.
  • Secondary School- This consists of two programs which are middle school and American high school system. After completion of high school, students can then pursue higher education.
Higher Education System In USA

Higher education in USA is popular among students. Follow the guideline to know more about the higher education system in USA.

The Levels Of Education Degrees

Degrees in USA are offered in various stages and levels at colleges and universities. Following are the typical degrees offered by the higher education system in USA

  • Associate Degree:

This higher education system in USA is awarded by community colleges after you successfully after completion of under graduation
allows international students to complete the degree within 3 years rather than four years.

  • Bachelor’s Degree:

This higher education system in USA is of 4 years duration
international students have a choice of selecting their field of study based on their knowledge, high school graduation and interest.
Part-time students can acquire the degree with an extended time as per their convenience.
International students must take up SAT & TOEFL/IELTS exams for admissions.

  • Master’s Degree:

Pursue master’s degree can be completed in a year or two depending upon the choice of course, the area of specialization and university.
The student must attend GMAT for management related subjects / GRE for arts, science or any other subjects and TOEFL/IELTS exams for admissions.

  • Doctorate:

This higher education system in USA is commonly known as Ph.D.
students must first successfully complete their master’s degree to take up doctorate program
should take up GRE/GMAT & TOEFL/IELTS exams for admissions.
This program has a duration of 3-5 years depending on your choice of field and research requirements

Types Of Institutions For The Higher Education System In USA
  • Public Universities / State College / University – Public universities are run by state government and financially supported by public taxes.
  • Private Universities – Private universities are controlled by the individual owner and not by the government. Private University fees are higher than the public universities.
  • Technical Institutes – Technical institutes are well known for their technological research they offer certificates and other short-term programs to train the students.
  • Community Colleges – Community colleges provide two years of associate degree programs, either be a public or private institution

Note: Public schools are not operated by the federal government and it receives funding from the individual states and from local property taxes. Likewise, public universities and colleges in USA receive funding from the state where they are located.

Characteristics Of US Higher Education System,
Classroom Environment:
  • very dynamic
  • range from several hundred students to smaller classes
  • seminars with only a few students.
  • the education system in America refrains itself from the usual walk-chalk method of teaching
  • encourages students to involve in discussions and seminars and put forth their opinions and suggestions.
  • credits are of immense importance hence each course is worth a credit or credit hours.
  • A course is typically worth 3-5 credits.
  • credit number roughly equals the number of hours sent for the class/session/course.
  • Full-time programs earn you 12 or 15 credits.
  • Credits can be transferred if you enroll in a new university before completing your course at the current university.
  • a student can transfer to a new university and can still complete his degree without much delay.

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