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A country famous for innovative technologies is the best choice that you can make while making a study abroad decision. And no other country other than Germany can provide you a world-class education and innovative outlook for your budding academic career. Living in Germany is like a dream come true in many aspects. A melting pot of multiple cultures, living in Germany can be a real experience of touring the whole world. Here we point out some exotic experiences that you could enjoy only in Germany.

As an international student, you can enjoy the perks and benefits of living in Germany at its maximum. We present you a complete Guide on ’how to make living in Germany a great experience.

Cost Of Living In Germany

Compare Germany with the rest of the western world, you could find that cost of living in Germany is extremely low there. Yes, what you thought is correct, ‘Germany is pretty cheap to live in’. Cities in Germany like Leipzig, Kiel, Bochum, Siegen, Osnabruck, Jena and Bremen are the cheapest cities and reduce the expenses of living in Germany. If you have a tight budget and an urge to exploit the top-notch education system and build a professional career in some of the leading countries, Germany will be the right choice. But the cities like Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Berlin, where the cost of living in Germany is too high, don’t expect to make a lot of money as your extra savings.

We provide you with the list of cities along with the index of the cost of living in Germany.

  • Düsseldorf: 85.64
  • Frankfurt: 84.17
  • Hamburg: 81.65
  • Munich: 80.21
  • Heidelberg: 76.42
  • Stuttgart: 74.47
  • Berlin: 72.5
  • Karlsruhe: 72.50
  • Bonn: 72.00
  • Cologne: 71.51
  • Nuremberg: 70.95
  • Aachen: 69.61
  • Dresden: 67.98
  • Bremen: 67.00
  • Leipzig: 66.60.
A Country With A Good Education System

The education sector and the system as a whole follow a holistic approach and so they can deliver the best education system in the world. Apart from making living in Germany so easy, the land gifts high-quality education and career opportunities for international students. Most importantly, in Germany, education is FREE.

Universities in Germany doesn’t collect tuition fees and the universities which fetch fees as tuition may make it at just a few hundred euros for a single semester. This is the most important reason behind reduced expense for living in Germany. In Germany, you can start saving your full month salary without worrying about the payment on education in the form of loans.

Excellent Public Transport System

Not only you experience a low cost of living in Germany, but the country gives some excellent facilities that you can trust upon. The railway and road system is highly efficient in delivering their service. Trains and public buses are kept clean and they arrive on time. They give an amazing customer experience and fair appear to be nominal. The daily transportation can cost us more from our pocket and when they are available at reasonable rates, the cost of living in Germany becomes affordable.

So obviously question pop-ups in the mind of students that when the cost of living in Germany is so low, in which areas the students need to pay the expenses. While living in Germany, the following expenses are to be covered. They include:

  • Other living expenses like accommodation rentals, food & clothing, study materials including books, telephone & internet
  • Semester contribution
  • Living in Germany requires Health insurance coverage
  • Possible tuition fees by some German universities

Considering international students, they require around 850 euros every month to fully cover the cost of living in Germany. Costs of living in Germany, especially In large cities, varies depending on various social factors. You can plan on spending and saving more while you are in Germany. Living in Germany, as well as studying makes you adaptable as you can live with less money in the least expensive & smaller cities and you can have a lavish life in larger & expensive ones.

Hence we can conclude that how economically you spend determines the cost of living in Germany. Contact us to get more information on the expected spending, estimated earnings and altogether the total cost of living in Germany from eminent consultants working with us.

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