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Quebec Expression of Interest system receives more than 90000 profiles

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The Quebec Expression of Interest system has received 91000 profiles since it was launched in September 2018, revealed the provincial immigration ministry (MIDI) of Quebec. According to the available data, more than 23000 candidates signed up within a month after Arrima, the Quebec Expression of Interest portal, was launched.
Of the total 91000 profiles submitted to the Arrima Portal, 23080 were submitted in the first month after the portal was introduced. The applicants include 5,260 with experience in administration, 2,160 nurses and 720 mechanical engineers. However, it is not possible to say how many of these applicants would receive an invitation to apply as Quebec has issued none so far.

Quebec Expression of Interest system

The Quebec Expression of Interest system operates in a way similar to the federal Express Entry system. Candidates can submit their profiles to the Expression of Interest system. Each of these profiles is given a score based on the needs of the Quebec labour market. The highest scoring candidates are invited to apply for the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

However, Quebec is yet to issue invitations to apply under the newly launched Expression of Interest system. The province is on a move to cancel the 18000 applications that were submitted before the Expression of Interest system was introduced.

The Coalition Avenir Quebec government is planning to go ahead with its election campaign promise to bring down Quebec immigration level from 50000 to 40000 in 2019. The move is at a time when the province is facing serious labour shortage, with around 100,000 job positions lying vacant. On the contrary, the federal government is planning to increase the national immigration levels to 350,000 newcomers per year by 2021. By doing so, the federal government is aiming to tackle the Canada’s labour shortage crisis through immigration.
Quebec is awaiting skilled workers with a vast number of job opportunities to thrive. If you are interested in Quebec migration, contact us for more information and guidance

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