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Engineering Management courses has its own prominence in Canada!

Engineering Management

Abroad education is one of the important aspects in the life of an individual if he/she is aspiring for it. Canada is standing strongly as one of the favourite study abroad destinations for international students.

Government of Canada is tirelessly planning to deliver a world-class education for all the students. The universities and colleges in Canada are acting for more than half a century. They are very focussed on providing quality education for the students at a low cost than the universities and institutes in other countries.

There are multiple disciplines and courses provided by the Canadian institutes and a most notable domain is Engineering Management. This is the study of operational and functional management of the processes in an organisation.

If you are a person who is determined to study abroad and fix your career in engineering management, then this blog is for you! Go on, to make better plans…

Engineering Management

Engineering management is the application of implementing the practice of management techniques to the practice of engineering.

This possesses a specialized form of management skills required to lead and oversee engineering personnel and the projects. Engineering management is also called as project management or functional management.

About the Study

This field is specialized in the field of the management process concerned with the engineering sector. Students develop their industrial engineering skills and knowledge of making business strategies, management techniques and other concerns related to the business.

They also acquire a strong knowledge of technological, problem solving, organisational, planning and administrative abilities in order to oversee the performance of engineering enterprises.

Related Areas

The most prominent resource is the Engineering Management Body of Knowledge (EMBoK) for all the aspects of engineering management. Engineering management is as vast as an ocean. It covers a wide range of managerial topics. Related Topics are as explained below.

Organisation and Leadership management

This involves driving the employees in a positive direction with proper plans and motivation.

Operation Management

This is dealt with designing and controlling the process of production and designing business operations in the production of goods and services.

Operations Research

Performs quantitative models of complex operations and uses these models for the decision-making process in any industry sector of public services.

Supply Chain Management

Planning, implementing and managing the flow of goods and services and hold all the other information from Point of Origin to Point of Consumption.

Management of Technology

Management of technology coordinates the business operations like accounting, finance, organisational behaviour, economics and organisational design.

This deals with the phenomenon of implementing new ideas to manage the operations when there is a technological change, in order to keep the process running.

New Product Development

The complete process of introducing a new product in the market right from its scratch.

Product Engineering

Process of building a device or system and that would be produced for sale through the production process. Product engineer looks to the issues of cost, producibility, performance, quality, reliability, serviceability, life span and other features of the product.

System Engineering

This is an interdisciplinary field which focuses on designing and managing complex systems.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering deals with the optimization and effectiveness of the complex process, a system or organisation. This also focuses on eliminating waste of time, money, machine time and other resources.

Management Science

Management Science consists of research-based principles, strategies and analytical methods including mathematical solutions and algorithms that are used to improve the ability of the organisation and make meaningful management decisions.

Engineering Design Management

The management practices performed in order to achieve a productive engineering design.

Activities of the design teams are planned, guided, monitored and the process is controlled as well. Design management is necessary for any new engineering plan to be pursued.

The above explained are the different topics interrelated to engineering management. A candidate planning to fix his/her studies in engineering management domain has this much choices and pathways for him/her to step through.

Levels of Education

Engineering management is a professional course which is available in 2 levels of a college education. It is in both,

  • Under Graduation
  • Post-Graduation

UG course introduces the candidates to engineering management and explains the process of work to be brought up.

PG, Master of Engineering Management is equal to that of a Master of Business Administration for those who seek qualifying credential which determines their career in engineering management.

Candidates can choose the level based on their eligibility and work experience.

Importance of Engineering Management

Proper management is mandatory to run a business smooth and efficient in all the sectors. Engineering is not an exception. Engineering management creates the life cycle of the engineering process and ensures it’s running flawlessly.

By studying engineering management, students gain leadership quality for managing the work process throughout. Leadership is not just making plans, preparing schedules and managing the team, it’s more than that.

Career Paths

Candidates from the domain of engineering management can be able to choose their profession by multiple paths from engineering management. The following are the few career paths, a graduate of engineering management can become,

  • Automation Engineer
  • Chemical Process Engineer
  • Client Service Analyst
  • Design Engineer
  • Director of Hardware Engineering
  • Economics Consultant
  • Firmware Engineer
  • Job Cost Engineer
  • Material Logistic Professional
  • Processing Engineering Manager
  • Structural Engineer
  • Product Manager

There are tons of job opportunities for people from an engineering management background. They are needed for an organisation to keep it running.

Canada is providing more liberalisations for the education of international students. It is offering the courses in different domains among which engineering management is one.

If you are a person aspiring to become an engineering management business professional who undertakes the operations and functions of an organisation, then this is your best time to make plans for your abroad studies. What next? Registration! categorically…

Registration Process

You have gone through the blog and been to registration process… so far so good! If you are having a thought of making your abroad plans, CanApprove is right here to help.

We are a 21-year-old organisation providing immigration and education services for abroad aspirants successfully, since 1998. Our team of experts are here to help you in making your higher study plans and all the aspects of the process. Connect with us to know more about Engineering Management and Registration Process.

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