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Day: March 23, 2024

The Anglia Ruskin University of UK is providing courses for Feb’20


Anglia Ruskin University

A public university in Anglia, UK, was established in the year 1858 as Cambridge School of Art. Later it evolved as Anglia polytechnic. It has been granted university status in the year 1992 for serving for more than 100 years. Also, it was renamed as Anglia Ruskin University in 2005.

There are more courses in the UK for the education of international students. The universities in UK are offering plenty of courses for the education of international students. Anglia Ruskin University is serving the student community for years and has been producing more successful and skilful grads over these years. There are more job opportunities after completing higher education in UK for international students.

There are multiple campuses housed for this university. They are,

  • Cambridge
  • Chelmsford
  • Peterborough

It also has university centres in Peterborough and King’s Lynn. This university is instituted in various locations like London, Berlin, Athens, Budapest, Kuala Lumpur, Trinidad and Singapore.

There is a peculiar education system in the UK which is deployed to its universities. All the universities in UK deliver the best education and implants the academic, technical and personal skills in their students. There are more courses in UK which are offered at Anglia Ruskin University. If you ever wanted to study abroad, this is the best time to plan! Read on to know more… This blog is for you!


United Kingdom

The UK is a sovereign country in Europe. It consists of Northern Ireland and many small islands encapsulated in it. London is the capital of UK and is also the largest city. The major countries UK consist are Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland. UK has the most developed governance and economy that its GDP per capita is the 9th biggest in the world.

The UK remains a very powerful nation in economy, governance and national performance as well! The economy of UK depends on Industry, Automobile, Shipbuilding, Mining and more! The country provides great prominence to education thus, following a peculiar education system in UK.

There are renowned Universities in the UK, one of the universities of that kind is Anglia Ruskin University. There are more specific courses in the UK, where Anglia Ruskin University offers plenty of courses for international students.

The climate here is temperate with rainfall throughout the year. This climate brings warm summers and cold winters as of the climatic and seasonal changes. The UK is the most desired country by abroad aspirants and students. Studying in UK undoubtedly makes life more prosperous by resulting in a lucrative job in the field of study. If you are aspiring to pursue your abroad studies, you have got your chance now!


Courses in Anglia Ruskin University

There are plenty of courses provided in Anglia Ruskin University for February 2020 intake. It is not a surprise to state that these are the wholly available courses in the UK! Those courses include;


  • Accounting and Finance MSc
  • Accounting and Finance with Placement Year MSc
  • Advanced Midwifery Practice MSc
  • Animal Behaviour Applications for Conservation MSc
  • Applied Bioscience MSc
  • Applied Wildlife Conservation MSc
  • Civil Engineering MSc
  • Clinical Child Psychology MSc
  • Clinical Nursing MSc
  • Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience MSc
  • Computer Science MSc with placement year
  • Construction Management MSc
  • Construction Project Management MSc
  • Consumer Psychology MSc
  • Creative Writing MA
  • Criminology MA
  • Digital Economy LLM
  • Education MA
  • Electronic and Electrical Engineering MSc
  • Engineering Management MSc
  • English Literature MA
  • Film and Television Production MA
  • Forensic Science MSc
  • Information and Communication Technology (Conversion) MSc
  • Intercultural Communication MA
  • International Business MSc
  • International Business Law LLM
  • International Business with Placement Year MSc
  • International Commercial Law LLM
  • International Hospitality and Tourism Management MSc
  • International Law LLM
  • International Relations MA
  • Management MSc
  • Marketing MSc
  • Master of Business Administration MBA
  • Master of Business Administration (Placement Year)
  • Mechanical Engineering MSc
  • Project Management MSc
  • Public Health MSc
  • Publishing MA
  • Research Methods in Psychology MSc
  • Sociology MA
  • Supply Chain Management MSc
  • Supply Chain Management with Placement Year MSc
  • Town Planning MSc


These are the master’s courses with 2 years of course period which are offered by Anglia Ruskin University in the UK for February 2020 intake!

There are more scholarships in the UK for international students which can be availed when a candidate meets the eligibility constraints fixed for the scholarship. This is the best opportunity if you are an aspirant of abroad education. Go ahead!



There are some long-term benefits to feel happy about studying at the Anglia Ruskin University of UK. Few of the benefits include;

  • Get exposed to a different culture
  • Live in one of the richest countries
  • Live your dream
  • Study in one of the top university of the world
  • More job opportunities in the field of Study
  • Technically and Professionally developed


No more IELTS…

The best news for those who aspire to study abroad! UK doesn’t demand IELTS anymore from international students. Your 12th grade English score (if it’s 70%) acts as an IELTS waiver. Yes! It’s true.

Abroad education remains the best part of life with long term and significant benefits. The education system in the UK proves the successful career of its students. There are more universities in the UK offering plenty of programs. There are diversified courses in the UK for those who plan their education there.

Moreover, there are more favourable schemes and scholarships in the UK for international students. If you have always been thinking to further your education abroad, this is your time! What next? Registration obviously. Get on to the registration process!


Registration Process

Anglia Ruskin University in the UK has opened the master’s programs for Feb 2020 intake! Plan your Masters in United Kingdom! Apply with CanApprove.

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PEI PNP Express Entry

The candidates who have created a profile with the Express Entry system of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada can apply for provincial nomination from Prince Edward Island through the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP) Express Entry category.

The Express Entry category operates through an Expression of Interest(EoI) system and the Express Entry candidates who wish to be considered for provincial nomination from PEI PNP under the category must first create an Expression of Interest profile. Each EoI profile is ranked on the basis of a number of human capital and adaptability factors and the highest-ranking candidates are invited by the PEI PNP to apply for provincial nomination.

In order to be eligible under the PEI PNP Express Entry category, the candidate must have an active Express Entry profile. They must also have proved their eligibility under one of the federal economic immigration programs of Canada which are:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience

PEI PNP Express Entry category has two pathways—one for those who have a job offer and the other, for those who do not have one. However, the category gives priority to those candidates who live and work in PEI.

The EoI profile created by the candidate will remain valid for six months. PEI PNP conducts periodic draws to invite candidates with the highest scores to apply for provincial nomination. The invited candidates can submit the complete application with all the supporting documents within 60 days. After obtaining the provincial nomination, the candidates can apply for provincial nomination in Canada.

 Selection Factors

Selection factor Express Entry With Job Offer Express Entry without job offer
Age 20 20
Language 20 20
Education 15 15
Work Experience 15 20
Employment 15 10
Adaptability 15 15
Maximum Points 100 100



A candidate can earn maximum 20 points under the age factor


Age With job offer Without job offer
18-24 7 7
25-29 20 20
30-44 15 15
45-49 10 10
Over 49 0 0
Maximum points 20 20

 Language proficiency

In order to be eligible under this category, the candidate must have a minimum level of language proficiency equal to Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7.

Language ability Points (With a Job Offer) Points( Without a Job Offer)
CLB 9 & 10 20 20
CLB 8 15 15
CLB 7 10 10
Below CLB 7 0 0
Maximum points 20 20



Points are awarded to the candidates on the basis of the highest level of their education qualification

Education Points (With a Job Offer) Points (Without a job offer)
Master’s  level or PhD from a graduate school of a college or university, after completion of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree 15 15
Post-secondary academic degree (Bachelor) from a college or that required at least three years of full-time study 12 12
Post-secondary diploma in a specific trade that required at least two years of full-time study after secondary school 10 10
Completion of secondary school 0 0
Maximum points 15 15


Work experience


Points are awarded for work experience depending on the NOC listed in the Express Entry profile of the candidate. Points also vary depending on whether the candidate has a job offer or not.

Work experience  Points (With a Job Offer) Points (Without a Job Offer)
More than 6 years 20 20
4-6 years 15 15
2-4 years 10 10
1-2 years 5 5
Maximum points 20 20


Employment Points (With a Job Offer) Points (Without a Job Offer)
Working in PEI on a valid work permit 5 n/a
Job offer in PEI related to educational credentials 5 n/a
Foreign qualification verified with the regulated body in PEI(Not an ECA) 5 5
Minimum 1-year continuous full-time work experience in PEI. 5 5
Maximum points 15 10



Adaptability Points (With a Job Offer) Points (Without a Job Offer)
Having close family member(s) living in PEI for at least 12 consecutive months. They must be either permanent residents or Canadian citizens. 5 5
Spouse/common-law partner and/or dependent child(ren) having a language ability equal to CLB/NCLC 6 or higher in English or French 5 5
Owning residential property in PEI for at least 12 consecutive months. 5 5
Having graduated from a recognized PEI post-secondary institution 5 5
Spouse/common-law partner having at least 3 years of work experience which has been acquired in the last 5 years 5 5
Dependent child(ren) having enrolled in a PEI educational institution for at least 6 continuous months 5 5
Maximum points 15 15


Post-graduate work permit holders

If the candidate is currently working in PEI on a post-graduate work permit, you need to fulfill the following conditions if you want to apply:

  • Have at least 6 months of full-time experience in PEI
  • Work permit valid for at least for four more months from the date of submitting the application.
  • The candidate must also be residing in Canada legally at the time of application.


Provincial Nominee Programs are a great option for those Express Entry candidates who have low CRS scores. Choose the right provincial nominee program pathway for you with the help of expert immigration consultants and lawyers of CanApprove! Contact us for more details.