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Apply for Canada Visa

Apply for Canada Visa

Immigrating to a country like Canada could be quite fascinating and filled with joy during the beginning but the thought of following procedures and meeting requirements which are quite unknown can leave you quite baffled within seconds. The first and the foremost step to migrate to Canada would be to apply for a Canada Visa.

Why You Should Apply for a Canadian Visa?

A Canada Visa is nothing but the proof that you are allowed to enter into Canada for a purpose. It could also be treated as your gate pass to set foot in one of the Canadian provinces. Individuals who wish to migrate to Canada should have a visa for themselves without which they will not be able to migrate to Canada. So, it is mandatory that you apply for a Canada Visa before you migrate to Canada.

Types of Canadian Visa: –

The Canadian Government offers several types of visas for individuals who wish to migrate to Canada. Below mentioned are some of the widely recognized & opted Canada Visas:

1. Federal Skilled Workers Visa:

The Federal Skilled Worker Visa is one of the Canadian Visas which allows foreign nationals to apply for Canadian residency (Canadian Permanent Residency). Applicants are assessed based on several factors like age, education, work experience & more., The applicant should have at least one year of relevant experience in the occupation and should meet all the requirements.

2. Students Visa

Canada is one of the ideal destinations for students to pursue their education. In order to obtain a Canadian Students Visa, a student should apply to the immigration authorities attached with an acceptance letter from the particular institution that he/she is eligible to obtain a visa. The student should also be able to show proof that he/she has sufficient funds to support themselves during their stay.

3. Temporary Work Permit Visa:

An applicant should apply for a Temporary Work Permit Visa if he/she wishes to temporarily work in Canada. This visa usually requires an individual to possess a job which is offered by a Canadian employer and the same has to go through the Labour Market Impact Analysis (LMIA) process.

4.Canadian Experience Class Visa:

This Canada Visa was introduced to retain the skilled force in Canada. The Canada Experience Class Visa is for those individuals who have already worked in Canada. Applicants get the opportunity to apply for a Canadian permanent residency under this visa.

How to Apply for Canada Visa?

The process of applying for a Canada Visa has always been exaggerated & magnified and made to look like an everlasting one. On the contrary, the process of applying for a Canadian Visa is quite simple provided you understand the process. Below-mentioned are the steps as to how you should apply for a Canada Visa:Before you apply for a Canadian Visa, it is mandatory that you read the requirements and gain a clear understanding of the same. Prepare the required documents according to the checklist. Fill out the application form and attach the soft copy of your documents. Read the privacy form after which you should fill out the consent form and later be attached to the application form. Once all the above-mentioned processes are done, you can now proceed to pay the required fees. On choosing to submit your application via Canada Visa Application Centre, additional fees should be paid. You should keep your passport and all other required documents while you visit the Canada Visa Application Centre. On completing the above procedures, you will be handed over a receipt with a unique tracking number which allows you track the status of your application online. CanApprove Immigration Consultants has been helping individuals by providing & assisting them with top-notch immigration services that are quite unmatched in the industry. By getting in touch with us you get to experience immigration services that are best in the industry.Call one of our immigration experts to know more on how to apply for a Canada Visa and get you eligibility checked for free!

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