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Australia Education FAQs

Australia Education FAQsAustralia Education FAQs

Every visa type is different and the application varies as per the application procedure and hence the processing time varies accordingly.

delayed due to technical errors or because of inappropriate and incorrect submission of documents. Hence seeking an expert’s advice is suggested for a hassle-free procedure.

The purpose of a visitor visa is to holiday and visit family. It is not intended to enable the lodging of an application for a permanent visa whilst in Australia. Consequently, visitor and other temporary visas may be granted with a ‘no further stay’ condition. A ‘no further stay’ condition is applied to all Sponsored Family Visitor Visas.

Applications are processed in the order they are received and there is little scope to process applications earlier. If you feel you have compelling or compassionate reasons why your application should be processed earlier, please provide a written statement to your case officer outlining those circumstances. It should be noted that as a general policy, circumstances such as employment in Australia; schooling for children; pregnancy; selling your house; or separation from your partner is not considered compelling or compassionate.


You should provide certified copies of the usual documents of identity that include your country of birth (or residence, where relevant), which must be translated into English if they are not in English already. If available in your country, you may also provide multilingual or international civil status records, (for example birth, marriage, death certificates) providing English is one of the languages on the record. Some European countries will also provide an extract of the population register instead of a birth certificate, and this is acceptable if it includes details of your parents, and is translated into English or into English. You should include certified copies of your bio data page of passport or travel document. Please ensure the copies are high-quality colour copies.

Yes, partner visa allows the holder to work in Australia.

No, you must be outside of Australia to lodge a prospective Marriage visa.

Yes, they can apply, however there is no guarantee their application will be approved.

To be granted a de facto partner visa you need to have live with your partner for a minimum 12 Months.

There is no English test requirement for any of the partner categories, anyway you must prove that you have good understanding and strong relationship of each other.

  • The Partner (Provisional) visa is the first stage towards a permanent Partner visa. You lodge only one application for your temporary and permanent visas and pay one application charge. Your application is processed in two stages, about two years apart.
  • The process is slightly different if you apply for prospective marriage (fiancé) visa initially. This adds an extra step in the provisional visa process.
  • National Visas treats the provisional and permanent stages as separate Premier services.

Yes, you can. However, different visa to Australia have different requirements and one answer does not apply to all situations. The requirements and restrictions on Australian visas differ depending on the visa for which you are applying. You should discuss your individual situation with one of our experienced professionals.

Mostly there is no interview but the high commission can request one anytime.

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Australia Education FAQs

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