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Australian businesses urge the government to increase migration cap

Australian businesses

The Australian businesses are urging the federal government of Australia to increase the annual cap for permanent migrants to the country. In a submission to the government’s review of the immigration system, the Business Council of Australia (BCA) called for a post-pandemic migration reset. It urged the government to increase the annual migrant intake for the next two financial years to 220000, reserving 70 per cent of the places for skilled workers.Australia pr banner imageThe Australia government, in 2022, had announced that it would increase the annual migration cap from 160,000 to 195,000 places, for effectively addressing the workforce shortage, especially in the technology and healthcare sectors. According to the BCA, increasing the number of immigrants would help to tackle workforce shortages and boost the economy.

The organization also said that Australian employers should be allowed to hire any skilled worker from abroad with a salary above national average.

Australia needs immigrants

After the COVID pandemic, Australia is facing severe labour shortage crisis. In fact, it is facing the second worst labour shortage among the richest countries, the first being Canada. A survey conducted by the National Australia Bank found that one in three businesses in Australia wanted to hire more employees. Industries including hospitality, tourism, construction, technology, agriculture, mining and healthcare needs at least half a million workers. The country is also facing a severe shortage of trades people such as carpenters and plumbers.

Australia’s immigration review

The immigration review was established by Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil in November 2022. A team of experts has already been tasked with reviewing the immigration system of Australia in order to ensure that it serves the national interests of Australia and completements the skills and capabilities of Australian workers. It is expected that the review will be focusing on strategies to ensure skilled labour for businesses, enhancing the productivity of the workers and also navigating issues associated with the aging workforce. The review will be handing down its reports and recommendations for changes in the immigration system before the federal budget, which will be presented in May.

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