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Indians likely to become the largest migrant group in Australia

Indians likely to become the largest migrant group in Australia

Latest data on Australian population shows that Indians are on track to become the largest migrant group in the country. Indians have already overtaken the Chinese and New Zealanders to become the second largest group to  in Australia after the English.

As per 2011 census, the number of Indian migrants in Australia was 337120. In 10 years, the number skyrocketed to 710380 migrants. The multicultural nature of the Australian society is one of the major factors that attract Indians to Australia. Another factor is the warm and friendly Australian society, which is welcoming towards migrants. These factors make it easier for Indians to identify with the institutions, lifestyle and landscape here. Also Indian migrants believe that it is possible for them make a good living in Australia. Indians find that Australia has great career opportunities for them to thrive. Experts are of the opinion that Indians are likely to become the largest overseas born population in Australia within five years.
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Why Indians migrate to Australia?

Australia is one of the most attractive destinations for migration in the world. It is also one of the strongest economies in the world. Those who have work experience in IT, engineering, education and healthcare have a number of opportunities here. Also, the country ensures free healthcare and free school education for children. The country also has favourable climate and offers a high standard of living.

At the same time, Australia is facing a huge labour shortage crisis and businesses in the country are putting pressure on the government to allow more migrants to come to the country.

Why Australia welcomes more Indians?

Proficiency in English is one of the factors that work in advantage to Indian migrants. Besides, most of the Indian migrants have good technological and educational background, which makes them the right choice to be welcomed as a migrant, as Australia is aiming to resolve its labour shortage crisis through immigration. Among the new migrants to Australia are IT workers, accountants, tool makers, mechanics, nurses, cooks, civil engineers and hairdressers.

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