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Australian PR Process

Australia PR Process

Obtaining an Australian PR is considered one of the best options to lead a quality life by people from all parts of the world. Stats say that the number of people who go through the Australian PR process and obtain an Australian Permanent Residency Visa is rising gradually every year and an approximate of 28% of the Australian population are immigrants who have chose to migrate to Australia. Individuals who seek to obtain an Australian PR visa are quite unsure about the Australian PR Process and are often misguided by false information. Listed below are the procedures as to how to get an Australian PR visa.

Australian PR Process: –

The Australian PR process can be quite tricky because the applicant has to take the right decisions and should meet certain criteria. Submission of application with inadequate or irrelevant information might lead to the rejection of an Australia PR application. Below-mentioned is the steps of an Australian PR Process.

1. Finding the Right Visa

Finding the right visa is the basic process of an Australian PR process which the applicant should handle with utmost care. The Australian government has a wide variety of immigration programs and visas for applicants to choose from. Each immigration visa is for different purposes and the requirements to migrate under each visa differs. An applicant before applying for a visa to migrate to Australia should seek advice from a reputed immigration consultancy and make sure as to which immigration visa he/she is capable to migrate under Skilled Immigration is one of the best & easy ways to obtain an Australian Permanent residency visa.

2. Checking the Requirements Meet: –

The next step of an Australian PR process would be to check if the applicant meets all the necessary requirements to migrate under the visa he/she chooses. Applying & completion for Australian PR visas can be quite time-consuming. The applicant should make sure that every single requirement is met before he/she applies. The applicant should create an ImmiAccount and upload all their documents online which could help reduce the processing delays.

An applicant should apply online (SkillSelect System) if he/she is applying through a skilled migration system. The SkillSelect is the Australian Government’s online system which allows individuals to apply for Australian migration. The applicant should also submit an Expression of Interest stating that he/she is willing to migrate to Australia.

Once the application is submitted, the process of scrutinization starts. The applicant has to score a minimum of 65points to be eligible to migrate. The applicant will be scored on several factors like education, age, qualification etc., The applicant becomes eligible to migrate once he/she obtains the required scores.

On being eligible, the applicant will receive an Invitation to Apply after which the applicant has to apply for the visa online within 60 days,

General Skilled Migration Program has the following subclasses:

– Skilled Independent Visa

– Skilled Nominated Visa

– Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa

–  Business Innovation and Investment Visa

– Distinguished Talent Visa

Other Important Things About ITA & Australian PR Process: 
  • Invitations to apply may sometimes take more time than usual to be received due to certain factors. The normal processing time would be somewhere around 3 months though it solely depends on the accuracy of the documents submitted.
  • In case the applicant does not apply for a visa online within 60 days, the applicant has to wait until they get another Invitation to Apply.
  • If the applicant receives a second Invitation to Apply and does not apply for a visa still, their EOI will be removed from the Skill Select and he/she has to apply again in the future.
  • Stats say that almost 90% of the Subclass 189 Visas are processed within 11 months.
  • Factors that affect an Australian PR process are mentioned below.

– The occupation that has been chosen by the applicant to apply.

– Flaws found in the documents submitted for verification

– Delayed answers to the inquiries asked by the Officer of Immigration

Australian PR processes can be completed with ease and no process delays provided you seek expert guidance who look after every single step of the process and make sure everything goes right. To know more about how to get an Australian PR visa and Australian PR visa process, get in touch with our team of immigration experts.

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