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Aviation programs offered in Poland!

Aviation studies in Poland June 29


The activities and processes performed on mechanical flights in the aircraft industry are called aviation. To be more precise controlling and taking care of such machines is called aviation. The word aviation is derived from a Latin word ‘Avis’ which means bird literally meaning the flying ability. 

There are various aircraft machines. Fixed-wing, rotary-wing, morphable wing, wing-less lifting bodies, and lighter-than aircraft that are airships and air balloons are encapsulated in aircraft. An aviation technician is the one who performs the operations of aircraft. 

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Are you interested in building your profession by flying high? Of course, this is the best chance for you then! Poland offers the best aviation programs for international students. Plan your aviation studies in Poland. Read on to know more…  


What will you study?

In this program, the practical and technical aspects of a machine-based flight are studied. It deals with studying design, test protocols and functioning of a majestic machine, the flight. Through this program people who wish to set up their career as an airline pilot could go for their dream. This includes training to attain an ATPL – Airline Transport Pilot License. 

Before getting an ATPL, the candidate should obtain a PPL, a Private Pilot License after which he or she should get a CPL, a Commercial Pilot License and Finally ATPL. This is flow because from PPL to ATPL, over the years, the student attains hands-on experience to control the machine up in the air. It’s not just the life of one individual, the pilot, there are hundreds for whose safety the pilot will be liable to. So, experience matters before getting the hands there as a pilot for anyone who wishes to. 

Poland institutions offer you the best training to deal with big machines, their technical aspects, working mechanism, and the manoeuvre of flying. Plan your education in Poland if you’re aspiring to become a pilot. The country offers the most affordable aviation programs. Yeah! 


Aviation programs in Poland

Poland is the favourite destination for international students to advance their education because of world-class institutions and idiosyncrasy in their education system apart from the infrastructure and amenities. Aviation programs are found in,

  • LOT Flight Academy
  • Airport Biernat
  • Fly Service 
  • Aero Club of Warsaw
  • GoldWings Flight Academy
  • Runway Pilot School
  • Vistula University 
  • The University of Information Technology and Management
  • Ventum Air Flight Academy 

These are some of the institutions in Poland where you could get the best aviation training and make the most out of it. Similar to aviation there are engineering programs in Poland too! Whether it be engineering or aviation or MBA in Poland, it’s certainly the best destination for you to study. Yeah! Make it a pass.


Job opportunities & Perks

Poland is not just limited to providing a flawless and peculiar education. It also makes way for employment prospects. There are abundant opportunities for an international after completing his or her aviation study in Poland. Some of them include,

  • Pilot or co-pilot
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Aircraft and Avionics Mechanic
  • Airport Manager
  • Transportation Security Screener
  • Airfield Operations Specialist
  • Aeronautical Engineer

Building a career in these designations would get you international recognition and respect. Don’t wait. Start planning to make your passion your profession. 


Why Poland?

Why study in Poland? An international student in Poland could enjoy his or her fill of benefits to the fullest. Some of the benefits of Poland education are,

  • Vibrant Student Life
  • Meeting people from various walks of life
  • Receiving world-class education at a very low cost
  • Enjoying cultural diversity
  • Avail the scholarships meant for Non-EU students
  • Waive of IELTS. Poland doesn’t demand it
  • Affordable living cost
  • Enormous job opportunities
  • Accessibility to more than 26 Schengen countries
  • Post-study work visa

These are some of the long term benefits for an international student who plans education in Poland. Plan your education in Poland at the double. 



  • You become a more prestigious person.
  • Your passion becomes your profession.
  • You master the art of flying.
  • You become a better person.
  • Of course, you live in one of the best cities in the world.


Registration Process

CanApprove helps you to get your admission in Poland and provides constant support from the beginning until the end of the process as you fly Poland. Our team of experts will help you in collecting the necessary documents which are needed for your visa approval and ensure that your process gets completed successfully. Connect with CanApprove to know further.

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