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How long will it take to get my student visa processed?

Canada Study Visa

Student visa processing in Canada – It’s really a matter of concern for international students. While we say it’s solely at the discretion of the visa council, there are some possibilities to fasten the student visa processing or let’s say there are some factors that influence the processing of the student visa time period!

Now, this guide will give you insights into the processing of student visa in Canada. Follow for the hassle-free overseas education journey!

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Student Visa

A student visa is intended for international students who get into a country for educational purposes. This is unlikely to immigration visa that permits candidates to finish their advanced education in a foreign country.

In Canada, a student visa is interpreted as a study permit, which means international students will be given the provision to only learn at Designated Learning Institutions in Canada.

Processing time

Before applying for a study permit, one must be aware of how long does the visa approval take. This will make your overseas education journey as smooth as a pie!

Coming to the processing time, usually, it takes 3-4 weeks but it’s just an approximation as individual evaluation of each profile determines the actual time period required for a person to get the student visa approved.

There are some important that directly impacts the processing time of Canadian student visa

As we tell processing time, it begins right from the visa grating authority receives your application. On the whole process, some factors have their influence and manipulation. They are,

  • Application type
  • Appropriate information added with the application
  • Weightage of supporting documents
  • Persisting backlogs of the immigration department
  • Your responsive ability to the queries from the visa granting authority
  • Uncertain Ban or travel restrictions ongoing during the time of your application

Now let’s delve into some common questions that clung in the minds of international students!


Why is my processing time information not legit?

It’s not that you are falsely informed, it’s because of the increased number of applications the processing time might be a bit longer than what was said! Once the application loads get cleared, then it gradually minimizes the processing time!

What’s considered to be the right time to apply?

As of our education coordinators, you are recommended to apply 3 months before the fall intake. Nevertheless, in Canada there are semester-based intakes, so you still can decide based on your convenience.

Fall Intake starts from September
Winter Intake begins in January
Spring Intake starts from May

Is there any age requirement to apply for a study permit in Canada?

Yes. The applicant must be 18 years or more to apply for a study permit in Canada! It’s not that you can’t apply if you’re below 18. You still can but with the company of a parent or guardian.

Is there any time limit to apply for study permits?

There is no limit to applying for a study permit. You can apply as many times you can until you succeed! But, understand where your application is lagging and rectify the mistake. Never commit the same mistake that owes to the rejection again and again!

What are the common reasons for my student visa rejection?

Financial instability – If the immigration depends feels that you are not financially sufficient to study in Canada, then it will eventually add to your visa rejection possibility.

Academic performance – Your visa approval is directly influenced by your academic credits and you are required to have proper academic scores to have your visa approved.

Letter of Acceptance – If you did not receive your acceptance letter from the designated learning institution in Canada, then you will not be granted a study permit.

IELTS or TOEFL score – Language proficiency and proof of the scores is highly important to get your student permit approved.

Is Canada still processing student visa applications?

Indubitably, yes! Canada is still accepting the applications. There may be delays in visa processing owing to the pandemic situation but still, the immigration department is processing all the types of visa applications.



What to do when I have backlogs?

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I hope this blog will help you in one way or the other to plan your education in Canada. For assistance, feel free to interact with the experts of CanApprove. We offer a hassle-free overseas education service. Our legacy has been continuing for 20+ years now! Connect with us! We are just a click away!

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