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What are the top 10 rewarding jobs in Canada – 2021?

Top 10 Jobs in Canada 2021

It is well known that Canada is a country that is highly receptive to immigrants and international students. Those who are well educated and waiting to take a turn by working abroad have a golden opportunity now! Canada has released the top 10 jobs in demand for 2021 that are highly rewarded. If you are under the category, then the prospects of acquainting an embellishing life are high!

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What are the jobs in demand?

Canada has some of the crucial job openings that are in demand and eventually the country relies on foreign skilled workers to fill in the occupation gap. So, it is evident that the people being listed under the category of in-demand jobs can get into the Canadian workforce as skilled workers and become eligible to apply for a PR. The in-demand jobs in Canada for 2021 include,

  • Surgeon
  • Dentist
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • IT Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Lawyer
  • Sales Manager
  • Business Operations Manager
  • Software Engineers
  • Accountants


  1. Surgeon

One of the best health care service providing countries is the great white north, Canada. But it’s unfortunate to the country that the number of doctors there is very less owing to which Canada relies on immigration to fill the vacant positions of surgeons.

Based on the reports of jobs bank, the employment growth rate of general practitioners and family physicians in Canada are being the second highest in the country. There are only 3 doctors per 1000 residents which implicates the huge demand persisting in the country for doctors.

Doctors in Canada will get a whopping remuneration as their average salary accounts for 340,000 CAD per annum. If you are a surgical practitioner looking to step into an uplifting phase, seize the chance and migrate to Canada.


  1. Dentist

Next are the Dentists that are high in demand in Canada. As per the jobs bank report, it’s expected that there will be about 12,200 new dentistry jobs until 2028 but only 7000 job seekers get into the market every year.

This discrepancy in demand and availability makes way for great opportunities for abroad aspirants.

If you are a person practising dentistry, then you’ve got one hella opportunity. You know, a Dentist in Canada earns a yearly average salary of 293,000 CAD.  


  1. Petroleum Engineer

The next in-demand professionals on the list are petroleum engineers. The crucial works carried out by the petroleum engineers are case studying, experimenting, production and exploitation of oil and gas deposits which are extended to planning, designing and implementing oil well projects and maintaining them.

To get into this job, one has to be a Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering or any other related field. And guess what would be an average salary a petroleum engineer could get in a year in Canada, it’s 208,000 CAD. If you’re looking forward to migrating to Canada, then give it a shot!


  1. IT Manager

IT manager builds strategies and frameworks for information technology, staff & resource management, and provide research solutions. In Canada, it’s easy to become an IT manager as the industry is vast. You are only required to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, IT or related fields. IT manager in Canada gets a whopping annual pay up to 203,000 CAD.

Are you a techie? Canada needs you. Migrate now!


  1. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are entitled to improve the branding and brand image of a product or a service to the maximum general public. Each company needs a brand formula & gimmicks for promotions which are designed by a marketing manager. With an MBA, you can become a marketing manager in Canada with annual pay of up to 195,000 CAD.

Thinking about it? Great! Start your immigration process.  


  1. Lawyer

Legal attorneys or lawyers are required in Canada for the legal field. They give counselling to clients who require legal support. Jobs bank report states that the number of workers in this field up to 2018 was more than 1,06,000.

Now, it is reported that in between 2019 and 2028, nearly 46,000 news positions will be created for lawyers, judges and Quebec notaries. You need to have an LLB or LLM to apply for this job.

If you are qualified, a fruitful life awaits as you will get a remuneration of 195,000 CAD per year!


  1. Sales Manager

There is a prospective career for sales managers there in Canada. They are hired by retail and wholesale businesses, stores and marts, rental services and telemarketing businesses. As the world is keeping on evolving with its sales channels, there is always a lookup for sales managers.

In terms of work, they strategize the methods of the feasible sales process that drives the company towards improvement and actualize the same. A business Administration degree is crucial to get hired as a sales manager.

You will earn around 187,000 CAD a year in sales management.


  1. Business Operations Manager

Business operations managers look after Budget quotations, in-bound and out-bound business operations, contract signings, franchise management, etc… They oversee the business operational activities of the company and directly reports to the CEO. Applicants need a degree in Business Management and proven work experience for a few years.

The average salary per year earned by a business operations manager in Canada is 170,000 CAD


  1. Software Engineers

Software engineering is gaining popularity not just in recent times but dates back to years. As long the world witness technological development, software engineering will be keeping on booming, hmmm… and vice-versa!

Application builders are in demand in Canada as industrialization is on its constant high. To be a software engineer in Canada, a degree in software engineering, computer engineering, IT or any other related field is required. And, more importantly, you will have a lavish lifestyle and amazing pay that fills your bank. Software engineers in Canada earn an annual sum of 99000 CAD.


  1. Accountants

Financial Managers, Auditors, wealth managers grouped as Accountants are in huge demand in Canada. They are the most sought-after professionals as the financial sector is enlarging constantly. So, it is mandatory to fill the occupation gaps in the sector. To work in the financial sector, one has to be a graduate in financial management, commerce, accountancy or any related field.

There is massive scope for accountants in Canada as their yearly earning sums up to 75000 CAD.

I hope you would have got insights into career planning and migrating to Canada. If you are already one of the above-listed professionals, then well and good you can make hay as the sun is shining now!

Otherwise, if you are a student planning to study and set up your career, you can choose courses according to the in-demand jobs that interest you as the occupation demand is expected to be lasting for some years, you can make use of the situation by studying a suitable course in Canada and getting into the Canadian workforce. Find your course here
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Whether it be education or immigration, CanApprove is here to help you. We are a company helping overseas education planners and immigration aspirants for years now! Our education and immigration coordinators will show you the right path and make you succeed. Talk to us to make an appropriate plan for you!

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    • Brighton says:

      Dear Hannah,
      We appreciate your interest and are glad to help you. To get more information on non-skilled jobs in Canada. talk to our immigration consultants. Take a ‘free profile assessment’ to check your eligibility. Send your details/resume to or talk to us through WhatsApp at Our team will get back to you. Thank you! Have a great day!

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