Why is University Canada West the best for your higher education? Begin your West Side Story!

study at University Canada West
Posted April 13, 2022

It’s the time of the year when higher education aspirants are on the gold hunt for a perfect university in a perfect country! Well, choose the west! Study at the University Canada West (UCW) to end your hunt. This university offers in-demand courses such as MBA, commerce, associate arts, etc., and is among the top universities in Canada. In this blog post, you will learn all about studying at the University Canada West, its facilities, benefits, and experience a tour of UCW.
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Why should you study at UCW?

UCW holds a reputation with a 5-star rating by the QS Stars higher education rating system. Notably, it is the 1st university in British Columbia and 3rd university in Canada to get 5 stars. UCW is also recognized for its strong points such as teaching, academic development, employability, and online learning.

More than 6500 students choose UCW every year from around the world. The different cultures, languages, and people meet here to make UCW ‘a home more fun than home’.

Know how to study at UCW with a few step process here!

Where in Vancouver is UCW?

Situated in the vibrant downtown city of Vancouver is the University Canada West, with two stunning campuses just minutes away from sunset beach. Two campuses hold a beautiful contradiction of one being a 20th-century building and the other a modern-day architectural marvel.

  • West Pender Campus – a century-old heritage building
  • Vancouver house campus – an architectural identity of Vancouver

Though these two campuses are in different places, they are easily accessible within a few minutes.

Courses offered at UCW

University Canada West offers graduate, and postgraduate courses and has been ranked among the top 10 universities in Canada.

Graduate courses at UCW

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

For business enthusiasts who’d want to upgrade their skills in a Canadian university, this MBA course at UCW could be your big break. The course is powered by the latest technology such as Amazon Web Services, Digital Marketing Institute, Shopify, etc.

This 2-year MBA course will prepare you to face modern business challenges and impart critical thinking. You will be taught by industry experts and earn practical knowledge with business case studies.

To spice it up, you will also get the opportunity to earn certifications such as

  • Digital marketing associate
  • Digital marketing professional
  • Management consultant
  • Professional in human resources

A Survey has pointed out that MBA graduates of UCW have high employability of about 96.9% and get a job within a year. MBA alumni of UCW have made their careers in Apple, Siemens, Nestle, Scotiabank, etc.

  1. MBA-ACCA pathway

­The MBA-ACCA pathway course is one of its kind. It is a tailor-made program for icing your bachelor’s degree in accounts or financial degree. Students of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) can wield this MBA program to earn a business management degree immediately after their bachelor’s.

This course comes in three different combinations such as

  • ACCA - Student Pathway
  • ACCA Affiliate / Member Pathway
  • Special ACCA - Graduate Pathway

Take up this dual-edged study program to make stunning careers!

  1. MBA foundation program

Want to study MBA but have inadequate qualifications? This MBA foundation program is a ray of hope for your MBA dreams. This foundation course involves preparing yourself and giving adequate knowledge to enter UCW’s MBA program.

And if you do not have the required English language proficiency, you can take up UCW’s University Access Programs (UAP) to be eligible to study at the University Canada West. 

Undergraduate courses at UCW

  1. Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

Studying commerce in Canada is more exciting than ever at UCW! This 4-year Bachelor of Commerce Course offers you dedicated business and management knowledge to students. And students get the added benefit of choosing electives like Accounting and Business communications.

This course also acts as a perfect pathway to getting into the Chartered Professional Accountants Professional Education Program (CPA PEP)

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication

This UCW’s unique program is a blend of media, culture, and business! Businesses demand media and culture to connect with the masses in the modern business trend. Taking up a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication will excel you in fields such as journalism, writing, advertising, public relations, etc.

The 4-year program is designed with case studies, practical team tasks, and learning academic literature to apply various techniques to target the market.

  1. Associate of Arts (AA)

If you have a love for writing, communication, and research, the Associate of Arts (AA) course at UCW will be your cup of tea! AA course covers a sea of topics from science, and mathematics to humanities and social sciences.

The best part of this 2-year program is that it acts as an equivalent to the first 2-years of a 4-year degree in the arts. Well, that’s not it. You can transfer this degree into a bachelor’s at UCW and other recognized institutions in British Columbia.

Make exciting careers in Vancouver with a lot of fun!

Home to top companies like Samsung, Amazon, and Salesforce, Vancouver is a commercial hub. The economical development of Vancouver is visible with an employment rate of 102.1%. While, British Columbia has the lowest unemployment rate of 5.3%. These facts open doors for international students to make great careers post-study.

Vancouver’s nearness to the beach, beautiful landscapes, and buzzy cultural life make it a fun-filled city!

Exclusive Info!

Check out how our client Ms. Zobia Abdul Khalique got into the University Canada West in 2022.

Go West to study at UCW!

Here’s an epilogue of this blog! University Canada West offers well-curated graduate and undergraduate courses such as MBA, MBA-ACCA pathway, Bachelor of Commerce, Associate of Arts, etc. The facilities such as state-of-art technology in learning methods, libraries, labs, and compact classrooms make UCW a comfy university for international students.

University Canada West is just minutes away from CanApprove Canada! From course selection to getting admission into UCW, we got you covered. In fact, CanApprove works closely with UCW with a direct tie-up helping international students achieve their education dreams in Canada! Learn about our other tie-up universities in Canada & the UK here! Let’s HEAD WEST to fuel up your dreams!


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Why is University Canada West the best for your higher education? Begin your West Side Story!

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