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What types of courses are open at the undergraduate level?

Universities and Colleges in Canada offers wide variety of courses in various fields like Engineering, Business, Fine Arts, Aviation & Tourism, Health Science, IT, Media & Communication, Human Resources, Social Services & Natural Sciences etc. International students can apply either for fall or winter semester depending on the program & college one chooses.

Can I work in Canada after I finish my studies?

Yes, you can apply for a Post-graduation work permit (PGWP) after your studies in Canada, which will allow you to work for the same ‘length’ as of the study program.

Can I work part-time while my studies?

Yes, as an international student, you can work part-time for up to 20 hours per work while you study; and work full time during academic breaks.

What type of language skill should I need to get accepted in a University/College in Canada?

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam scores are the most common language requirement for universities and colleges in Canada. You have to submit the test score as per the admission requirement of the course you have applied.

Can I be a part-time student in Canada?

No, international students must attend a full-time program in Canada.

What kind of higher study options are available for graduates?

For graduates, Canada offers wide options for higher studies like Certificate Programs, Professional College Diplomas, Post-Graduate Diplomas and Master’s Degree.

Can I get a scholarship to study in Canada?

Yes, Scholarships are available for international students and it is awarded on merit basis. Since the numbers of scholarships are limited, students have to make an early application in order to be qualified as per the eligibility criteria. Scholarship option varies in Universities and Colleges. Students can go to the CIC website to know more about scholarships offered by government and other agencies.

Do I have to pay the entire tuition fee in the course start term?

Not necessarily. Most institutions want you to pay the first term fee to start the program and will be sending reminders for the following term payments.

How long is the study permit valid for?

The study permit is valid for the duration of your study program plus an additional 90 days to prepare yourself to leave Canada or extend your stay there.

How do I find accommodation?

Most universities and colleges in Canada offer the option to live on-campus either in residences designated for international students or in residences generally available to all students on campus. Students may also find off-campus accommodation options. However, acceptance at a Canadian institution does not ensure accommodation in a residence.

Is the degree globally recognized?

A degree from a Canadian University is recognized around the world and is usually equivalent to an American degree or a degree from another Commonwealth country. Professional and specialized programs such as medicine, nursing, and engineering are accredited by reliable and reputable agencies. Current and new academic programs are regularly reviewed by provincial, institutional or regional bodies to ensure quality standards. Canada does not have a transfer of credits process similar to that found in the U.S.

Are there deadlines for admissions applications?

Yes, every University and College has its own application deadlines for each intake. Students applying for University programs will always have an early application deadline. For admission to the September intake, the deadline may vary between January 1st and March 1st.


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