Does the Corona outbreak influence international students’ enrollment in Canada?

Corona outbreak influence in Canada Mar 12
Being the largest crisis already in the decade’s starting, corona’s influences haven’t left any sectors free from having a basement shake. The outbreak of the virus has its impact being hit harder the global economy and the international market. Every industry, from small scale to large scale is confronted to face the corona storm.
It’s not like you suffer only when you are affected by the virus, it’s precise that the situation becomes even worse when you’re not affected though. Amidst so many people, process and industry in various countries getting disrupted by corona, international students with the penchant to study abroad are facing their difficulties to start their study plans.

COVID-19’s impact on international students’ education…

The fear of corona let no country to be stable with their immigration policies. Since the virus’s outbreak is noted to be severe and life-threatening, the immigration councils of foreign countries have tightened the security and made changes in the migration and international students’ education policies. Students from other countries are having a temporary restriction to get into countries like the US, Germany, France, Italy etc…
Trump, the US president has suspended all the travel and immigration to the US to fight the coronavirus. Likewise, many other countries are following some strict protocols to get rid of the virus. This may last long until the situation of corona storm settles down. International students are facing difficulties to enter into these countries to pursue their education.

Corona effect in Canada

Like other countries, Canada has also witnessed corona infection but in a very smaller proportion when compared to the global ratio. Canada has not enforced any restrictions for international students so far, to get into the country. Students are advised to take proper care and are instructed to maintain proper hygiene and sanitation to escape the disease. They are looked after by the registrar and program coordinator in order to maintain precautious health and medication to get rid of the disease.
The country is cautious about preventing the virus from spreading and disinfect the situation. The medical council of the country is taking the necessary steps to wipeout corona. The virus outbreak affected the universities’ & colleges’ intakes and enrolments in the country in no way. You can still pursue your abroad study plans. It’s better for international students to examine the health before travelling and after getting there, and provide the required medical certificates and also comply with the medical protocols. Don’t worry. Maintain a hygienic practice, fight corona.
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