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Over 32,000 Global Tech Talents Choose Canada for Employment, Says Recent Report

Global Tech Talents

Highlights – Study on Global Tech Talents in Canada

Global Tech Talents in Canada:

1. Firstly, between April 2022 and March 2023, over 32,000 professionals from the global tech sector found employment in Canada.
2. Secondly, Mississauga (ON), Montreal (QUE), and Waterloo (ON) emerged as Canada’s top tech hubs.
3. Thirdly, Canada saw consistent tech talent migration from India, Nigeria, and Brazil.
4. Finally, The current in-demand tech skills in Canada include Customer Experience, Microsoft Azure, and Data Science.

Analyzing the TECNA and CTN Report

A recent study from The Technology Councils of North America (TECNA) and Canada’s Tech Network (CTN) discloses that over 32,000 professionals from the global tech sector found employment in Canada between April 2022 and March 2023.

The report not only uncovers these impressive numbers but also delves into the core drivers of Canada’s appeal to tech talents. Largely attributed to its immigration-friendly policies and a distinctive edge in competitive labor costs, Canada’s tech industry has become a magnet for global expertise.Canada pnp finder

Turning our attention specifically to Canada, the report highlights consistent tech talent migration, with notable prominence given to entrants from India, Nigeria, and Brazil. 

Additionally, the tech industry’s growth stems from increased investments by U.S.-based tech companies due to proximity and compensation advantages.

Canada’s tech workforce surpassed 400,000 software developers in 2022. Remarkably, growth isn’t confined to major markets; smaller provinces like Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador see a rapid 16.3% year-over-year growth.

In-Demand Tech Skills and Prominent Tech Hubs

The report outlines coveted tech skills in Canada, including Customer Experience, Microsoft Azure, and Data Science, guiding global tech talent interested in Canada’s opportunities.

Further, it identifies Mississauga (ON), Montreal (QUE), and Waterloo (ON) as Canada’s top tech hubs.

Mississauga: Flourishing Tech Ecosystem

Mississauga stands as a burgeoning IT nucleus, where nearly 1,000 tech companies have found their home. 

Nested within North America’s second-largest ICT cluster, it proudly hosts global industry titans such as Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM. Fueling this vibrant tech innovation is a series of local initiatives, notably the Mississauga Innovation and Technology Acceleration Program (MITAP).

Montreal: Tech Powerhouse

Montreal has rapidly blossomed into a tech powerhouse, marking a growth trajectory of approximately 31% between 2015 and 2020. 

Rising as a dominant hub for artificial intelligence (AI) and IT, it has secured the trust of international giants including Google, Microsoft, Meta, Samsung, and Intel. This city also nurtures over 200 game development studios, underscoring its preeminence in tech innovation.

Waterloo: Dynamic Tech Center

Waterloo boasts a thriving ecosystem with over 1,570 tech-focused enterprises, housing prominent entities like BlackBerry and D2L. 

The pulse of this dynamic tech nucleus is sustained by robust academic ties, prominently the University of Waterloo. Coupled with an enviable quality of life and substantial venture capital investment, Waterloo’s ascent as a tech hub is undeniable.

Canada’s Global Tech Talent Initiatives

Canada aims to attract global tech talent through initiatives like the Tech Talent Strategy and Category-Based Express Entry draws.

Led by the Government of Canada, the Tech Talent Strategy aspires to elevate the nation to the forefront of global tech talent. It introduces an Innovation Stream under the International Mobility Program. It also streamlines work permits for H-1B visa holders from the U.S. Additionally, it introduces a concerted refinement of programs tailored for high-skill tech occupations.

Category-Based Express Entry Draws target tech professions, aligning with Canada’s goal to attract global tech expertise. In a recent draw on July 5th, 2023, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) invited 500 candidates with a CRS score of 486 for permanent residence.

If you are someone with expertise in software tech, Canada is the right place to immigrate for better work opportunities. 

Canada’s tech industry thrives on a diverse workforce drawn by immigration-friendly policies and compelling incentives. Book an appointment with CanApprove today and determine your chances for Canadian immigration.

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