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Canada job market remains upbeat as ever, shows report

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Canada job market witnessed a surprising growth in January 2019 with 67000 new jobs added in the private sector. It means, in the first month of 2019, the 67000 more people were employed in Canada. This surprising jump in the number of jobs shows that the Canada job market continues to remain strong as in the past few years.
Six provinces witnessed the biggest growth in employment, with Ontario and Quebec leading the group. More people looking for jobs in Canada also resulted in the country’s unemployment rate rising by 0.2 percentage points to 5.8%. However, this rate is still very low, after Canada witnessed the lowest unemployment rate in a decade in December 2018.

Majority of the employment growth happened in January 2019 was propelled by service-producing industries. Among these, professional, scientific and technical service sectors witnessed an increase of 29000 jobs. It shows the demand for employees in the technology sector is still very high with the sector remaining competitive in the country.
Ontario and Quebec are the two provinces that witnessed the majority of employment growth in technology sector. Both these provinces have cities that are becoming increasingly popular destinations for the tech industry, hosting offices of international tech firms.
With an aim to ensure the availability of skilled workers in the Canada job market, Canada government has made skilled immigration a priority. As per the multi-year immigration levels plan of Canada, the country would be welcoming one million newcomers by 2021. The Express Entry system launched by Canada also makes the immigration process faster and more effective for international skilled workers. Though a job offer is not essential to apply for immigration through Express Entry, it would definitely earn a few extra priority points for those having one. Another effective pathway for skilled workers to migrate to Canada is Provincial Nominee Programs. Most of the Canadian provinces have exclusive streams for skilled workers with experience in the particular fields, desired by the province.
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