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Know What Canadian Universities & Courses You Should Consider For Your UG!

Canadian Universities

Studying abroad which earlier was something out of reach has now become the most favoured option for the upcoming generation. It is quite obvious that the search results have made you end up reading this blog and you are one of the potential students looking forward to know what would be an ideal course & university that can be chosen to study in Canada.

Studying abroad in a reputed country like Canada will not only heighten a student’s way of thinking & problem solving but also changes his/her perspective on how things work”.

Before getting down to the list, if you are quite unsure about the process of getting yourself enrolled into a Canadian university, reading our guide for high school students wishing to pursue an education in Canada can be of great use to you!

We hope that you now have a clear idea on how the enrolling process for a Canadian University works and a few other useful things. Getting back to the point, to answer the question “What and Which Universities & Courses You Should be Choosing in Canada?”, we have listed below a number of courses & universities you should be considering if you are definite about pursuing your higher education in Canada.

Courses & Universities that You Should Consider for Your Higher Education: –

We totally understand the difficulty of exploring an entirely new country, looking for ideal courses and universities to choose from right after completing your high school. Being one of the countries that has the top educational systems in the world, it’s no doubt that Canada will be having a huge number of options for you to choose from for your higher education. Below listed universities & courses are some of the finest which we think you should consider for your higher studies taking into consideration the factors like Canadian employment prospects, market scenario, the benefits the universities & its environment offers

Cape Breton University & Bachelor of Engineering Technology: –

Cape Breton University located in Nova Scotia was formerly known as the University College of Cape Breton. The university is known for its rich natural beauty & lively culture and has students from more than 40 countries in the world.

Among all the courses the university has, Cape Breton is well-known for its Bachelor of Engineering & Technology course. The university has a well-earned reputation for its excellent & complete dedication towards the course. Bachelor of Engineering Technology introduces you to a number of relevant job opportunities in Canada as the field has a huge number of requirements. For those students who wish to pursue a major in Engineering of their favourite discipline, Cape Breton University would be an ideal choice to go with!

University of Northern British Columbia & Bachelor of Commerce: –

With the University of British Columbia, you’ll never stop discovering your possibilities to explore. Being in one of the top 3 Canadian universities and in top 25 Public Universities of the world, the university has a lot of bright minds from over 162 countries across the world. The university has with it more than 50,000 students who pursue their UG courses across the two campuses spread in Okanagan & Vancouver.

If you are looking forward to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce course, then you should consider going for UNBC. The field has excellent career opportunities in the long run and with the Canadian market having a considerable number of vacancies increasing every single day, this could be an overall feasible solution for you!

Confederation College & Business Accounting: –

Situated in the heart of the Thunder Bay city, hundreds & thousands of international students pursue their UG course here. Thunder Bay is the second happiest city in Canada and so are the people & students who live there.

Business Accounting is one of the courses Confederation College is popularly known for. If you are a person who is highly into the logic & reasoning stuff and if your dream career is oriented to the entrepreneurship sector, then Business Accounting is for you! Studying Business Accounting in a place like Confederation College will help you get well-prepared for a business-oriented career in both public & private sectors making it a top in the list option for you!

Niagara College & Hospitality Business Management: –

Niagara College situated in the Southern Ontario region of Canada is well known for its Hospitality & Business Management Course. The college offers students the best possible benefits which include homestay options, unlimited public transportation access, plenty of scholarship opportunities to choose, on-campus employment opportunities allowing more than thousands of international students pursue their graduation here!

Pursuing Hospitality of Business Management (one of the world’s largest & most successful industry) in Niagara College will help you become a leader in the rapidly shifting hospitality industry by improving your critical thinking ability and present in front of you a lot of career opportunities like Accommodations manager, Hospitality Sales Manager, Country Club Manager & more., If Hospitality Business Management is your pick, you could right away get in touch with us to know what you should be doing!

Sheridan College & Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences: –

Located in Ontario and having three campuses, Sheridan College has grown from a tiny local college to one of the massive & leading institutions in the Ontario region. The institution has over 20,000+ students and the city has a diverse array of restaurants, the lakeside lifestyle, making it more attractive for students from all parts of the world.

The Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences (Information Systems Security), is an industry which has high demand and gives you the right head start for your career. The enormous increase in Internet usage & the digital transformation has contributed to the demand for growth in the industry. Pursuing the same in Sheridan College will help you gain immense knowledge and practical experience helping you to explore the deepest of this exciting industry.

St Lawrence College & Bachelor of Business Administration: –

St Lawrence college located in Ontario is one of the oldest colleges in Canadian education history and has a reputed number of courses for students to choose from. Students who wish to pursue Bachelor of Business Administration and get themselves indulged in public & private sector environment can go for St Lawrence’s four-year Bachelor of Business administration program.

Cambrian College & Environmental Technician: –

The Cambrian College located in Ontario lies among the top 50 research colleges in Canada and has a high employer satisfaction rate of 95%. One of the best courses that you get to study at Cambrian College is the Environmental Technician course which helps you pursue your passion for the environment. You get to have a deep understanding of the environment, the factors that protect the environment and those that cause a negative impact on the same & more. With abundant career opportunities to choose in the field, you get to become a Field Research Assistant, Natural Resource Technician & more.,

**The above mentioned are just an idea of what would be the best possible courses &universities for you to choose in Canada. You can also explore more Canadian Universities & Courses with the help of our University Course Finder!

Canadian Market & Industry Scenario for International Students: –

The Canadian economy has been showing significant growth for the past few years, decades maybe and has eventually led to an increase in the number of job opportunities. Every single course & college in Canada provides high standards of education to students and also allows them to opt for part-time working options in Canada. The skilled labour shortage of the country has made the Canadian government come up with an option that would allow you to stay back in Canada after your graduate program and find a job for yourself!

Benefits You Should Know About Pursuing your UG Course in Canada: –

Though this is a completely broad topic, we have gathered & put together the most important benefits you could help yourself with by studying in Canada (mentioned right below)!

World Wide Renowned Universities & Colleges: The country has some of the best universities & colleges that are recognized by almost all countries & companies around the world. They strive to provide you with the highest education standards which influence your career to a very great extent.

Cheaper Tuition Costs: Pursuing your education in Canada comes at a lower cost when compared with other country’s international tuition fee which is also one good reason why you should be pursuing your UG course in Canada.

The Graduate Retention Program: This is another benefiting program which you should make use of. The Graduate Retention Program allows eligible students who have pursued their education in Canada to get a partial refund on their tuition fee provided they meet certain eligibility criteria (The Graduate Retention Program is applicable only to certain courses & provinces. Contact us to know more).

Work While Study Options: One benefit that you’ll really feel cherished about the is the part-time work options that you get while you study in Canada. Working in a part-time job will help you improve your management skills and gain Canadian work experience.

Post-Graduate Work Permit: The post-graduate work permit is one reason why a lot of students choose Canada as their study abroad destination. The post-graduate work permit visa allows you to stay back in Canada after you complete your education and build your career!

Know more about the visa by clicking here!

Obtain Your Permanent Resident Status: This could be the ultimate benefit that you could get by pursuing your education in Canada (though it requires certain procedures which we will take care of). Pursuing your education in Canada and gaining required work experience with the help of Canadian Post-Graduate Work permit visa will help you apply for Canadian Permanent Resident Status under the Canadian Experience Class Category.

The Canadian government has well understood the importance of international education is creating on its economy and is taking every possible measure to make it easier for students. In recent years, the number of students who move to Canada to pursue their higher education is on the rise. Canada is already home to an approximate of half a million international students and of the total number, 25% of the students are from India. The dynamic nature of Canadian immigration policies and the opportunity for you to obtain your permanent residence there and the above-mentioned reasons is why you should be pursuing your studies in one of the Canadian university. By getting in touch with us, you can clarify all your queries regarding your higher education in Canada for free!


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