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Become a petroleum engineer! Canada is providing a lot of courses for petroleum engineering domain.

Petroleum Engineering

Canada is constantly providing courses in different fields for the education of international students, thus being the favorite study abroad destination for them.

There are enormous programs provided and now it is for petroleum engineering. If you ever wanted to become a petroleum engineer, then continue with the blog.

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Petroleum Engineering:

Petroleum engineering is a course concerned with the activities involved in the production of hydrocarbons, which can be either crude oil or natural gas. This field acts as the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry. Oil and Gas industry has two main disciplines which act as the base. They are;

  • Earth Scientists’ Exploration (Geology)
  • Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering deals with petroleum geology, which is the study of the origin, occurrence, accumulation, movement and exploration of hydrocarbon fuels and Geophysics, a subject dealt with natural science concerned with physical process and properties of earth and its surrounding environment. Petroleum engineering requires strong knowledge in;

  • Formation of petrol well (Evolution)
  • Economics
  • Drilling
  • Reservoir simulation
  • Artificial lift systems
  • Reservoir engineering
  • Well engineering
  • Completions
  • Petrol Production engineering

Petroleum engineering is the process by which the fuels are extracted. It is involved with the methodologies followed and implementation of projects to extract the petroleum products.

Historically (in previous years), the recruitment for this field was carried out with respect to selecting the students who have been graduated from engineering and scientific fields like;

  • Physics
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mining Engineering

Since this field is interdisciplinary to the above-specified fields and those who work in the petroleum engineering domain should have some pieces of knowledge about the above-mentioned streams.

Course Description:

Petroleum Engineering is a branch of engineering course dealing with the study of hydrocarbons and elements such as crude oil or natural gas. This program requires knowledge in some basic sciences such as chemistry, calculus, differential equations and physics.

Some of the areas covered in petroleum engineering courses include;

  • Rock properties
  • Introduction to petroleum engineering
  • Computer applications
  • Natural gas engineering
  • Well construction

Graduates in this field are called petroleum engineers and they are concerned with the production and exploration of oil and gas.

Students learn about the process by working on the field along with the supervision of faculties. They get to experience the work process by undergoing practicum sessions. This field involves the geological exploration in which the availability of petroleum in a particular place is found. After that, digging and mining are carried out. This is just an overview. You will know about the complete course plan too!

Petroleum engineers extract the minerals and chemicals from the ground, perform some pre-processing activities and extract the fuels for trading and usage. Students get hands-on experience in the work they are gonna get into.


Canada offers more courses for the education of international students those who are waiting to get into the field of petroleum engineering. Few of the courses are;

  • Bachelor of Engineering and Technology in Petroleum
  • Post diploma in Bachelor of Engineering and Technology in Petroleum
  • Master’s in Oil and Gas Engineering
  • Master’s – Applied Science in Oil and Gas Engineering
  • Bachelor’s – Applied Science in Petroleum Systems Engineering

There are even more courses available for the higher education of international education in the field of Petroleum Engineering.

Colleges and Universities:

Universities and Colleges in Canada are providing more courses in Petroleum Engineering throughout the country. They have been delivering a world-class education for its students over the years. Few of the colleges and universities in Canada, offering Petroleum Engineering courses include;

  • University of Alberta
  • University of Regina
  • Dalhousie University
  • Memorial University
  • Northern College of Atlantic
  • Cape Breton University
  • University of Calgary
  • University of Regina

Petroleum engineering plays a major role in the world market that, nothing is possible without fuels in the entire globe. As the demand for fuels persists, the demand for petroleum engineers will constantly meet its peak.


There are prominent benefits for a person who studies or studied Petroleum engineering in Canadian Universities and Colleges. It’s a prestigious factor about which one could feel extremely happy about. Those benefits include;

  • Gain on field experience
  • Get the best quality of education of obtained
  • Long term advantage of education
  • Live in a multicultural society
  • Optimized living cost & educational expenses than other countries
  • Obtain an internationally recognized degree
  • Personally developed
  • Experience the life aspects to its fullest
  • Get the best abroad experience

It is a mandatory thing to specify that Canada has a valid place in the success of one’s life who was educated and graduated from Canada. There are more lucrative job opportunities in the field of practice which is the most gratifying part of planning higher studies in Canada.

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Registration Process:

Canada is providing more programs for those who are willing to become a petroleum engineer. If you are also thinking about it, then start your abroad education plan for Canada now. CanApprove is here to help.

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