Latest Express Entry draw: IRCC sets record in number of ITAs issued in a single year


With the latest Express Entry draw held on December 19, Canada set a new record of issuing the highest number of Invitations to Apply(ITAs) for permanent residence in a single year. The 3900 invitations issued in the 107th Express Entry draw bring the total number of ITAs issued in the year 2018 to 89,800. In 2017, the total number of invitations issued was 86,023.
The minimum required Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score in the December 19 Express Entry draw was 439, the lowest score of 2018. It is for the first time this year the CRS score requirement coming below 440. The lower CRS score requirement is explained by the shorter time gap between two of the latest draws. Usually, Express Entry draws take place in every two weeks. But the latest draw took place just one week after the previous draw that was held on December 12. Shorter time gap means fewer candidates submitting their Express Entry profiles. CRS score requirement is lowered to compensate this.
Tie-break rule was applied in December 19 draw as well, the date and time being February 6, 2018, at 19:31:37 UTC. It means all candidates with a minimum CRS score of 439 who submitted their Express Entry profiles before the said date and time were invited to apply.
The fourth quarter of 2018 also set a new record by issuing the highest number of ITAs, a total of 27,300 over the course of seven draws. In 2019, Canada is planning to admit 81,400 new permanent residents through the Federal High Skilled immigration category. This is 6500 ITAs more than 2018’s target of 74900 new admissions. Majority of the Federal High Skilled immigration category applications will be processed through the Express Entry system.
Minimum CRS requirements in the Express Entry draws held this year:

Date of draw Minimum CRS score
December 19, 2018 439
December 12, 2018 445
November 28, 2018 445
November 15, 2018 449
October 29, 2018 442
October 15, 2018 440
October 3, 2018 445
September 24, 2018(program-specific) 284
September 19, 2018 441
September 5, 2018 440
August 22, 2018 440
August 8, 2018 440
July 25, 2018 441
July 11, 2018 442
June 25, 2018  442
June 13, 2018 451
May 23, 2018 440
May 9, 2018 441
April 25, 2018 441
April 11, 2018 444
March 26, 2018 446
March 14, 2018 456
February 21, 2018 442
February 7, 2018 442
January 24, 2018 444
January 10, 2018 446

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