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Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) Visa Consultants
Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ)

Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ)

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The province of Quebec stands apart from all other provinces in Canada by implementing & following a unique set of immigration rules. Likewise, the Quebec Selection Certificate is one unique method which no other province has.

What Is Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ)?

Obtaining a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) is the first step that should be carried out if an individual or a family wishes to migrate to Quebec. Though Quebec is able to scrutinize immigrant applications by having its own criteria, the permanent resident status of the applicant can only be decided by the Canadian government. On obtaining a Quebec Selection Certificate, the applicant can apply for a Canadian PR visa provided he/she meets all the requirements.

Ways To Obtain A Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ): –

Individuals who wish to migrate to Quebec cannot make any further progress without having a Quebec Selection Certificate in hand. Applicants can migrate to Quebec through any one of the below-mentioned programs after obtaining a Quebec Selection Certificate.

1. Quebec Skilled Worker Program: –

Quebec Skilled Worker Program is for those skilled individuals who look forward to migrate to Quebec under the Skilled Worker Program. The applicant has to meet the requirements and obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate to migrate under this program.

2. Quebec Experience Class: –

The Quebec Experience class allows people who already have considerable experience in Quebec or have already studied in Quebec. This program helps in retaining people who have gained experience in the province.

3. Quebec Investor Program: –

This program was introduced in the year 1986, allowing immigrants who have the potential to invest in the Quebec economy to immigrate and settle in Canada through the province of Quebec.

4. Quebec Entrepreneur Program: –

Quebec Entrepreneur Program provides business people an ideal path to immigrate and settle in the province. Individual should possess a minimum net worth of the recommended level to immigrate under this program.

5. Quebec Self-Employed Person Program: –

The Quebec Self-Employed Persons Program allows potential applicants to migrate to settle and work in Canada. The applicant should have a minimum net worth of at least CAD $100,000 to be eligible for this program.

Determining Factors For Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ): –

An individual should secure a minimum of 50 points under the Quebec Immigration Selection System for him/her to be qualified to get a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) and a minimum of 59 points when accompanied with a spouse or common-law partner. Below-mentioned is the considered factors along with the maximum points that can be awarded for each category.

  • A maximum of 26 points Is given for education
  • The applicant can get a maximum of 8 points for experience.
  • A maximum of 16 points is given for the age factor.
  • The applicant’s proficiency in English and/or French can gain him/her a maximum of 22 points.
  • Based on the spouse’s characteristics a maximum of 17 points can be awarded to the applicant.
  • Financial self-sufficiency can gain him/her a maximum of one point.
  • A valid employment offer can help to gain up to 10 points.
  • Presence of accompanying children can help gain up to 8 points.
Other Important Things You Should Know About Quebec (CSQ): –
  • The applicant should carefully prepare his documents ensuring that there are no possibilities of flaws to occur in order for the application to be processed.
  • The documents must be submitted on the specified date.
  • On reviewing the candidate’s application, one of the three decisions will be taken : Approval


Intent to Refuse (If there exists a situation where the applicant has to provide more information or documents, the counselor will the applicant an explanatory notice as to why the application was refused after which the applicant will have 90 days to do the needful).

  • Temporary foreign workers and international students need not have to obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). They instead should obtain a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ).

To know more about Quebec Immigration and guidance to obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ), get in touch with our team of immigration experts.

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