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USA Education FAQs

USA Education FAQsUSA Education FAQs

English is the common language spoken by US peoples and it is used by government and federal agencies, English proficiency tests like TOEFL are compulsory for the students who like to apply for US universities.

GRE and TOEFL are the major qualifying exams to get admission in US universities.

F-1 status visa is best for work while study option in USA. It includes on campus employment and off campus employment opportunities.

Different types of scholarships are provided by the institutions to international students to manage their financial crisis. These scholarships are classified as merit based, need based, student specific, career specific and college specific. Benefits like accommodations, tuition fee reduction, employment options and other benefits for the student’s qualifications are provided by institutions.

Spouse and kids of the international students can hold F2/M2/J2 visa can accompany F1/M1/J1 visa holders. F2/M2/J2 visa holders may not accept employment at any time.

Yes, an English proficiency is required for under graduation, however it is not compulsory for PhD and master’s program.


  • Filled application form of the college for the required course and required certificates must attach with application form.
  • Passport and Visa.
  • All the academic records and certificates.
  • Required bank balance to prove the student’s ability to pay tuition fees, living cost and airfare.
  • Immigration of visa for the required period.
  • Research applications require a certified copy of passport and a copy of research proposal.
  • International students must certify in the English language proficiency test like IELTS, TOEFL or they must have medium of instruction in English in their past studies.

Your employment can be as a regular full-time employee with the same benefits as are granted to all other employees. Many employees work 40 hours per week and receive a one week vacation per year. However, part-time employment is also available.

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USA Education FAQs

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