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Australia 65 Points Calculator

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    Australia 65 Points Calculator

    Australia is one of the popular destinations for the people from around the world to migrate. Every single year, applicants are keen towards securing permanent residency within the country to settle and work; after all, the country offers an impeccable quality of life, the best educational system and a huge and diverse range of amazing job opportunities. As for Australian immigration, it is for highly skilled professionals, the profession of which remains aligned and relevant with the requirements existing within Australia.

    For immigration purposes for the permanent residency, it remains vital to understand the PR process and, as the aspirant or the applicant, to check the eligibility. First, one must see whether or not the occupation of theirs remains listed on the skilled occupation list. It will help to initiate the process to the next step, where one must check the minimum Australian immigration points. Further, the applicant is required to obtain 65 at least. However, the more points are gained, the more will be the chances of being invited to make the application for the visa.

    Australia 65 Points Calculator

    Skilled professionals and the business people can easily migrate to Australia based on the skillsets they have, the work experience they carry and the educational qualifications they have achieved. With the general skills migration self-assessment test, individuals can easily evaluate their chances for Australian immigration.

    Individuals will be scoring high if they are,

    • Aged under 45.
    • Proficient in the English language. To prove this, the applicant must submit test results of the recognised English proficiency test.
    • Overseas experience points where the applicant can claim the points for having 3, 5 or 8 years of experience in a nominated occupation overseas in the last 10 years.
    • Can also claim the point for working in Australia in either one of the occupations that remain listed on SOL on a full-time basis. Applicant further claims points for 1, 3, 5, or 8 years of Australian experience within the nominated occupation in the past ten years.
    • Experience points can also be gained by completing the course in Australia for at least 2 years or more.
    • The applicant will be able to claim additional points if they meet the Australian study requirement of studying and living in the regional low-population growth metropolitan area for a time period that was of at least 2 years.
    • Points can be claimed if the partner is able to satisfy the basic requirement of English language, age, skills assessment and qualification.

    Australia Immigration Points Calculator- Factors Detailed

    Age (Max 30)

    Age Max Points
    18-24 25
    25-32 30
    33-39 25
    40-45 15

    Education (Max 20)

    Education Level Points
    Diploma 10
    Bachelor 15
    Master 15
    P.HD 20

    Experience (Outside Australia- Max 15 Points)

    Work Experience (in years) Points
    0-3 0
    3-5 5
    5-8 10
    8+ 15

    Experience (Inside Australia- Max 20 Points)

    Work Experience (in years) Points
    0-3 5
    3-5 10
    5-8 15
    8+ 20

    Language (20 Points Max)

    IELTS, PTE Academic, TOEFL, OET and Cambridge C1 Advanced Test. Either one of the test to be taken and based on the score obtained, it is decided whether the applicant is competent/proficient/superior.

    Work Experience (in years) Points
    English Level Points
    Competent 0
    Proficient 10
    Superior 20

    To decide what is functional, vocational, competent, proficient or superior, the below-mentioned would be applicable.

    Proficiency Level Components IELTS TOEFL IBT PTE Academic CAE OET
    Functional Average 4.5 32 30 147 n/a
    Vocational Listening
    5 4
    36 154 B
    Competent Listening
    6 12
    50 169 B
    Proficient Listening
    7 24
    65 185 B
    Superior Listening
    8 28
    79 200 A


    Adaptability Points Max
    Australian Study Requirements, specialist education qualification Got master’s degree through research or the doctorate degree from the Australian Educational Institution in STEM Background and ICT- 2 academic years at least 10
    A degree/diploma that’s received in Australia. If the applicant studied at least a degree/diploma physically in Australia 5
    Credentialled Community Language or the NAATI test passed- the test is conducted in the local community language 5
    Professional year in country (ICT, Accounting)
    If one has completed their professional year in the Accounting ICT/Computing or any other Engineering course in past 12 months, in Australia physically- Exempting
    Study in Regional Australia
    Australia- Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne aren’t counted to be regional

    Spouse Category PR Points- Max 35 Points

    Attributes Max Points
    Spouse is PR Holder or Australian Citizen 10
    Positive Skills Assessment (listed within same occupation list like the Primary)
    Competency in English
    Age is below 45 years
    Competent English without the Skills assessment 5
    Single (unmarried) 10

    State & Territory Nomination Points- Max 15 Points

    Attributes Max Points
    State Nomination- Subclass 190 5 (to qualify for subclass 190 would gain 5 additional points)
    Skilled nominated
    Territory Nomination- Subclass 491 15 (to qualify for the subclass 491 would gain additional 10 points)
    Territory nominated

    How can the applicant get a PR visa in timely processing?

    To get the visa processed timely, make sure not to submit an incomplete application. Also, meet up with the standards of the visa application process for smoothening the process of the application.
    The following documents are also to be attached,

    • Skills assessing authority skills assessment report.
    • IELTS exam outcome.
    • Choosing the appropriate category for applying for the visa. Examining every single visa category and then selecting one that suits the needs best.
    • Ensure to be in good health and have the good character.
    • For SOL, the appropriate occupation is to be chosen based on what the applicant remains interested in.It might become hectic to begin and continue the process of receiving the visa, and this is why it is suggested to hire the needed help on time. Approach the visa consultants or any other approved experts who will be able to help and guide you all along the way. Remember that any help taken is to be informed to the authorities; after all, these professionals act as a mediator between the applicant and the authorities granting the visa. So make an appropriate choice to receive better results.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Express Entry program the only way to get Canada PR?

    No. Apart from the Express Entry program there are other pathways like Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP), Atlantic Immigration Program, Family Sponsorship programs, Quebec Regular Skilled Workers Program etc.

    Can I get a Canada PR without a Job Offer?

    Yes. You can apply for Canada PR without a Job Offer through Express Entry stream and other pathways. However, having a Job Offer can increase your chances of obtaining a Canada PR.

    Do I need to take the IELTS to obtain a Canada PR?

    Of course. You must take the IELTS – General and score 6.5 and above in all the four bands such Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. You must make sure each band has a score not less than 6.

    Can I obtain a Canada PR as an international student after studying in Canada?

    As international student in Canada, you can work in Canada with Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) and apply for a Canada PR. In fact, there are provinces in which you can apply for Canada PR right after graduation.

    Why should I apply for Canada PR through an immigration consultant?

    It is not mandatory to apply for a Canada PR through an immigration consultant. However, to make the PR application process easier, you can get the help of a licensed immigration consultants like CanApprove.



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