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Recognized Graduate Subclass 476

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    Recognized Graduate Subclass 476

    Students graduating from Australia have varied opportunities available in case they wish to stay in Australia. However, the student visa would not lead the holder of it to get permanent residency. So, the students will have to apply for a work visa like a recognised graduate Subclass 476. This is a skilled, recognised graduate work-type visa that has been tailor-made for eligible graduates from the field of Engineering. It allows the Engineering graduates to live and work in Australia for 18 months.
    According to the 476 Visa, if the student has completed studies from the university in the last 2 years and they are below the age of 31, only then can they make an application. However, the applicant will only be able to make an application if they do not hold a subclass 485 visa.

    Using this visa, one can continue to reside within the country by getting an extension to the visa, but they will not be able to apply for another Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa.

    The applicant, when making the application, can be in their home country, but they must not be in Australia when the visa gets granted. There does not exist any restriction upon travelling to any of the countries and returning back to Australia, as many times as they wish to, after the visa is granted.

    If the applicant is facing any difficulty, the migration agent or consultant will be able to help in applying for Visa Subclass 476. The consultants will also be able to provide detailed rules and regulations regarding the visa to keep the applicant informed. However, before connecting with them, the applicant must make sure to give the below-mentioned information a read to check whether or not they are eligible for making an application under the Recognised Graduate Subclass 476 visa.

    Recognised Graduate Subclass 476- Who can apply?

    The visa can be applied for if the applicant is,

    • Below the age of 31 years.
    • Having an engineering degree from a recognised institution.
    • Having an engineering degree in either civil engineering or structural engineering, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical, production and plant engineering, and mining and material engineering.
    • Has completed their bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral or postgraduate degree in the last 2 years.
    • The applicant will not be eligible for making an application if they previously made or held a temporary graduate visa 485 or subclass 476 visa unless otherwise, the applicant held it as the family member of the main applicant.
    • The applicant’s visa must not have gone through any kind of rejection or cancellation when residing in the country.
    • Applicant must be outside the country when the visa gets granted.
    • The application for the 476 Visa can be made either while living in Australia or any place around the world.
    • In case the applicant is a Visa holder of subclass 444, then the applicant or their family members can remain anywhere when the visa gets granted.

    Subclass 476 Visa- Benefits

    The 476 visa allows the applicant to,

    • Reside and travel within the country.
    • Work and study in the country till the time the visa remains valid.
    • Apply for permanent residency if the criteria are met as required by the home affairs.
    • Travel from and to the country as many times as needed.
    • Include the family member while making an application for the visa. In this case, the applicant and the family member will be required to meet certain specifications to get the visa.

    Recognised Graduate Subclass 476- Acceptable Universities

    To qualify for the visa application, the applicant must have graduated from the institution that remains accredited under Washington Accord. This Accord is the international agreement between varied authoritative agencies from around the world that remain in charge of accrediting the technology universities and engineering programs.

    Department of Home Affairs, Australia will also accept the visa application if the applicant graduated from the universities that are listed below,

    • Catholic University of Chile
    • Catholic University of Argentina
    • University of Chile
    • Federal University of minas gerais, Brazil
    • Technical University of Berlin, Germany
    • Indian Institute of science, Bangalore, India
    • Indian school of Mines, Dhanbad, India
    • Indian Institute of technology, Kharagpur India
    • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi India
    • Anna University, Chennai India
    • Universidad Catolica del Norte, Chile
    • University of Concepcion, Chile
    • Technical University of Clausthal, Germany
    • HUT, Helsinki, Finland
    • TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany
    • University of Miskolc, Hungary
    • RWTH, Aachen, Germany
    • Beijing Normal University, People’s Republic of China
    • Shanghai University of Engineering Science, People’s Republic of China
    • China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing, People’s Republic of China
    • University of Hannover, Germany
    • Amir Kabir University of Technology, Iran
    • Tsinghua University, People’s Republic of China
    • Shanghai Jiaotong University, People’s Republic of China
    • Beijing Petroleum University, People’s Republic of China
    • Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
    • Beijing University of Technology, People’s Republic of China
    • Tongji University, People’s Republic of China
    • Lulea University of Technology, Sweden
    • University of Science and Technology, Beijing, People’s Republic of China.
    • University of the Philippines, Philippines
    • Beijing University of Chemical Technology, People’s Republic of China
    • University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
    • Guangzhou University, People’s Republic of China
    • TU Kosice, Slovakia
    • University of Tehran, Iran

    Recognised Graduate Subclass 476- English Proficiency Requirement

    For Visa 476, the applicant must be able to provide the evidence that they have completed their international English language test with the highest scores, as dictated by the Department of Home Affairs.

    • IELTS- one needs to score 6 points with a minimum of 5 points for every single test component.
    • TOEFL- applicant needs to score 64 points in total and minimum points for every single test component, including listening, reading, writing and speaking (14 points each for writing and speaking while 4 points each for listening and reading).
    • PTE- applicant needs to score 50 points in total and a minimum of 36 points for each of the components.
    • OET- applicant must get B in every test component.
    • Cambridge C1 Advanced Test- applicant must score 169 points total, with 154 in every test component.

    The applicant will not be required to submit language skills evidence if they have a passport that has been issued from the United Kingdom, the United States of America or Canada or the Republic of Ireland or New Zealand.

    Recognised Graduate Subclass 476- Visa/Documentation Requirement

    To make an application, the applicant will be required to assemble the below-mentioned documents,

    • Copy of information pages from the passport together with some of the other identification documents, including the ID card and the document that can prove the name change (if that’s applicable in the case).
    • To prove that the applicant has an Engineering degree through an accredited institution, there is a requirement to submit the transcripts copy and the letter of completion that has the completion date of the course.
    • The Australian statement stating that the applicant will respect the Australian laws and regulations and would obey the Australian way of life is also to be signed by the applicant before making an application for the Recognised Graduate Subclass 476.
    • Applicant must not have any amount due under their name or in their family member’s name that is to be paid to the Australian government. If there is, the applicant must ensure that either the repayment has been made or the arrangement for the repayment has been made.
    • English proficiency proof/evidence is also to be provided for the visa.
    • Proof of character and health as required by the Australian government.
    • Helping forms based on who is helping the applicant to submit form 956 or 956a.
    • In case the application is being made with the partner, the applicant is required to submit their identification, proof of relationship and marriage papers.
    • For the dependents who are under the age of 18, the applicant will be required to submit the birth certificate or the family book, statutory declarations and parental permission in the form 1229.

    Recognised Graduate Subclass 476- Application Procedure

    Step 1
    Before making an application, one needs to have a valid passport to make an application for a visa. If one is planning to get a new passport, do it before applying. Apart from it, organise the health exams by creating an online account on the official portal.
    Remember that the 476 Visa application process can get quite complex, and therefore, if you appoint somebody to give assistance, ensure that they are a registered immigration consultant or a legal practitioner or any exempt individual.

    Step 2
    Gathering the documents will be the second step. In here, the above-discussed documents will be required to be provided by the end of the applicant.

    Step 3
    One can be either outside or in Australia when making an application for a 476 Visa. The application can be made online by creating an online account on the official website, making the required documents arrangement/submission and paying the application fees.
    Remember that the Australian government would not process the application unless otherwise the mandated fees remain paid. If the application is being made with the family member, every applicant must get their processing fees paid and the documents attached along with the application.

    Step 4
    The Australian government lets the applicant know in writing that the application has been received along with the supporting documents. They might even ask the applicant for any additional information for which notification is sent to the online account.
    Make sure you do not make any travel arrangements unless, otherwise, you have received the visa approval. Before the approval, you might be required to submit the biometrics.

    Step 5
    This is the visa outcome step wherein the applicant must remain outside Australia when the decision of the visa application is given. If the visa is granted, the Australian government will let the applicant know that their visa has been accepted, and they will share the visa grant number along with the visa situation and the date from which the visa starts.

    476 visa- Cost

    The application will cost the applicant AUD 410. Separate charges are applicable for every single family member who will be applying along with the main applicant.
    The applicant will also be required to pay some of the other charges, including the charges of biometrics, health checks, police certificate, language proficiency, etc.

    476 visa processing time

    Currently, the processing time for this visa type is 10 to 12 months. Some of the applications even take around 17 months to get processed.

    In general,

    • 75% of the applications get processed within 15 months.
    • 90% of the applications get processed within 20 months.

    The processing time varies if the applicant has submitted an incomplete application or has any complex case. It is also dependent upon the changes within application volume and the directions provided by Australian ministers.

    Recognised graduate subclass 476- Extension

    Once the visa is received, it remains valid for 18 months from the date of issue. One cannot stay longer than this time period under a 476 Visa. Even the extension of this visa is not possible.
    The applicant cannot apply for another 476 Visa. If they wish to continue their stay in Australia, they must find their eligibility under the permanent visa or another sponsored visa.

    476 visa – Including Family

    One can include family members who are part of a close family unit, including,

    • Spouse or partner
    • Children or partners children who are either adult dependents on minor dependents
    • Grandchildren

    The family members can join the applicant later, being the subsequent entrants, after the visa has been received for the applicant and they are in Australia, all settled.

    Converting 476 visas to PR

    If planning to stay longer in Australia after the expiry of the 476 visas, the application can be made for another work visa, i.e., permanent. Based on the visa the applicant applies for, there will be certain conditions that must be met. To say if the application is made for State nominated visa, the applicant must receive a nomination by the end of the Australian territory or State.
    Remember that if the 476 visa expires while the new visa is getting processed, the applicant must have a bridging visa to remain in Australia legally.

    Apply for Recognised Graduate Subclass 476 Visa

    You can make the application for Visa 476 if you are eligible for the application. You can do it either yourself or can take help from the immigration consultants who have complete knowledge and experience for handling any type of case. These professionals will advise the best course of action needed.
    Make the choice today, as immigration experts will help you achieve the overseas visa goals by providing step-by-step guidance covering the eligibility of a 476 Visa to the entire process of it while they maintain complete tran

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can non-engineering graduates apply for a recognized graduate subclass 476?

    No. subclass 476 visa in Australia is exclusively for engineering graduates who have completed education in the last two years and be under 31.

    What degree types are accepted under the subclass 476 visa?

    The following qualifications are accepted for you to obtain a subclass 476 visa:
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Master’s degree
    • Doctoral degree
    • Postgraduate diploma

    Which engineering streams are accepted to get a subclass 476 visa?

    Here are accepted engineering streams for Recognized subclass graduate 476:
    • Civil engineering
    • Structural engineering
    • Chemical engineering
    • Environmental engineering
    • Electrical and electronics engineering
    • Mechanical, production, and plant engineering
    • Mining and material engineering.



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