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Australia immigration major contributor to population growth

Australia immigration

Australia immigration is the major contributor to population growth in the country, according to the latest data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). In 2018, the population of Australia grew by 1.6 per cent and by 31 December 2018, the total population of Australia was 25.2 million.
While natural increase of population (births minus deaths) accounted for only 38.6 percent of the population growth, net overseas migration (NOM) accounted for the remaining 61.4 per cent. This is exactly the opposite of the situation in 1976–1977, when natural increase represented 66.6 per cent of Australia’s population growth and NOM 33.4 per cent.
Net overseas migration is the difference between incoming migrants and outgoing migrants. The net overseas migration for 2018 was 248,400 people. This number is higher than the 2017 figure of 241,700.
The population growth of Australia varied widely across states and territories and sub-regions. While the population growth rate in Australian cities was strong, the rate in regional areas has been mixed. Over the last decade, population in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne has increased significantly. Australia immigration has contributed in a major way to this population growth.
Compared with the situation a 100 years ago, today, Australians are older and have fewer children. They are also more likely to live in urban areas, and are more likely to be born overseas in countries other than the United Kingdom.  In 1901, Australia’s total population was 3.8 million people, of whom 22.6 per cent were born overseas. The majority of those born overseas were from the United Kingdom and Ireland (79.7 per cent). Australian population had the representation of only one Asian country at that time-China. Chinese constituted 3.5 per cent of the population. But according to 2017 data, Asians have a significant representation in Australian population. China, with 8.3 per cent of the overseas-born population, is the third largest. India is in the fourth position with 7.4% of the overseas-born population. Australia is now has people from over 190 different countries and 300 different ancestries.
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