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Australians more positive about migration, finds poll

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A new poll has found that Australians’ concerns regarding migration rates have ‘softened’ since last year. Compared to a year ago, fewer Australians now believe that the number of migrants to Australia is too high. The survey on Australian attitudes to international events, conducted by the Lowy Institute, was released on June 26.  The poll, held between 12 and 25 March, surveyed 2,130 Australian adults.
According to the survey, 47 per cent of Australians currently think that the number of migrants coming to Australia is too high. But this is seven per cent lower compared to last year. Two-third of the respondents to the survey also believe that immigrants strengthen Australia with their hard work and talents.
The poll also found that younger Australians have more positive views towards immigration. Only 20 per cent in the age group of 18-29 believe that the number of migrants admitted to the country each year is too high.
Earlier, a Media poll commissioned by SBS had 51 per cent of the respondents thinking that immigration was “generally positive” for the country. They believe that immigration creates economic growth.
Almost three-quarter (71%) of the respondents think Australian cities are already too crowded. However, majority (59%) of respondents rejected the idea that immigrants were taking away jobs from other Australians. On the question whether immigrants were a burden on social welfare system of Australia, the respondents were divided, with 48% agreeing and 50% disagreeing.
The border protection policies of Australia have been the centre of international attention in recent in years. However, Australians were quite divided on the impact of these policies on the international reputation of the country. While more Australians(40%) think that the border protection policies of Australia make no difference to its international reputation, 30% think it helps and 28% think it hurts that the reputation.
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