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Australia to accelerate processing of visa applications

Australia to accelerate processing of visa applications

The Immigration Minister of Australia has directed the Department of Home Affairs to accelerate the processing of visa applications. Andrew Giles, the minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services, and Multicultural Affairs has said that clearing the backlog of visa applications would be the primary concern.
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He said the demand to end delay in the processing of visa applications was being raised from different corners over these years. He briefed that the Australian government has taken the processing of visa applications as a priority. Andrew Giles added that he had raised his concerns with regard to the current state of visa processing with the Department of Home Affairs and added that the government was committed to ensure timely processing of visa applications.

The minister pointed out that more resources are needed to cut down on long visa processing waits. The minister said owing to the lag in visa processing, many businesses are left without staff and can’t afford to stay open. “To make the skilled migration system more accessible and responsible, we need to open employer sponsored migration up to all skilled occupations,” he said.

The delay in processing applications has affected the applicants as many have been waiting for years to have their visas processed. The minister’s announcement has come as a relief for them as they would be able to move to Australia faster.

Why migrate to Australia?

High quality of life is one of the major reasons why many people migrate to Australia. The possibilities of a bright future and the option to become a citizen of Australia also make the country a popular destination for migration.

Australia also has a migrant-friendly policy and the migrants receive assistance to obtain employment, learn English, improve job skills as well as ensure community participation.  Here are a few advantages of migrating to Australia:

  1. Free/subsidised healthcare
  2. Free/subsidised education
  3. Attractive weather
  4. Cosmopolitan culture
  5. Attractive cuisine
  6. Options to become citizen
  7. Strong economy

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