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Australian Immigration: Significant Changes

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Australian Immigration has made some significant changes in November including making changes to 4020 Fraud Public Interest Criteria, introducing a new visa condition and enhancing old visa conditions.


Previously, a visa application was refused if the false or misleading information was provided in the current application being processed, in a visa which has been held by the application for the last 12 months or in an application which was refused in the last 3 -5 years.
The change in 4020 means that a visa application can be refused for visas held or visa applied for within the last 10 years. So, providing false or misleading information in the application will affect applications submitted for up to 10 years! Regardless of whether an application has been granted, refused or withdrawn – if an application with false or misleading information was submitted within the last 10 years, it can result in a 4020 refusal for current and future applications.


A new visa condition 8304 has been created, with the intention to reduce the risk of identity fraud. This new visa condition requires temporary visa holders to use a single identity when dealing with Australian State, Territory and Federal Governments; and to notify the relevant Australian government agencies if the visa holder changes his/her name.

8564 and 8303

Changes to conditions 8564 and 8303 will make it easier for immigration authorities to cancel temporary visas of people engaging in criminal or other dangerous activities in Australia.
Condition 8564 forbids the visa holder to engage in criminal activities in Australia. Previously it only applied to Bridging E visas. The condition will now apply to a wide range of temporary visas.
Condition 8303 has been broadened to prohibit activities which endanger or threaten individuals. Previously, it only applied to violent or disruptive activities affecting the Australian community more broadly.

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