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Applicants may have to pass a values test for Australian permanent residence

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Australia may introduce a “values test” for those who apply for Australian permanent residence in the country, revealed Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. The test is proposed as a means to protect the “extraordinarily successful” multicultural society of Australia, according to the Prime Minister.
He reminded that Australia has been putting enormous effort into integration. This is to ensure that all in Australia can benefit from the Australian form of multiculturalism. He also reminded that 28% of all Australians were born outside Australia. Over a half of Australians have a parent born outside of Australia. “But isn’t it remarkable that we live together in so much harmony because of the values we share and those Australian values, of democracy, freedom, the rule of law, respect for women, equality between men and women,” he asked. He also stressed the need for upholding these Australian values for the sake of the successful multicultural society of Australia.

Alan Tudge, Citizenship and Multicultural Minister of Australia, had also mentioned about the proposed values test for Australian permanent residence when he was speaking at the Australia/UK Leadership Forum held in London.
Earlier, the Australian government proposed an English-language skills test for permanent residence applications. Last year, the government tried to introduce some stricter citizenship laws. These included that the permanent residents were required to live in Australia for four years in order to apply for citizenship and the applicants had to pass an advanced English test in order to obtain citizenship. But these proposals were rejected by the Senate.
Immigration is expected to be a major topic of debate in the upcoming elections with the conservatives putting pressure on government to bring down the rate of immigration, in order to tackle the population pressure in major centers in the country.
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