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Recurring cases of visa fraud highlight the need for choosing authorized immigration consultants

Authorized Immigration Consultants

The migration fraud division of Australia’s Home Affairs Department has received a total of 2,796 visa scam-related allegations in the past five years, according to a report by SBS News. All these scams were reported during the period between July 2014 and September 2019. Immigration experts believe that many more such cases might be going unreported. They attribute visa scams not being reported to the fact that the, victims whose visas have been refused or cancelled owing to fraud do not receive any sort of protection or visa security from the authorities even if they file a complaint.
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Further, the applicants who fall victim to visa scams would rather be trying to secure their visa status rather than pursuing a complaint. The financial and other circumstances of those who fall into such scams would most probably be preventing them from going ahead with a complaint. If they are vulnerable enough to trust a random person with their immigration process without checking their credentials, we can assume that they would not be informed enough to know how to file a complaint.
The Border Watch division under Australia’s Department of Home Affairs encourages victims of visa fraud to report unlawful operators and assures that all such complaints are acted upon. However, the Department does not provide the complainant with any information regarding the progress or outcome of the investigations owing to privacy concerns.

How to check the credibility of immigration consultants?

  • Check if the consultant is registered with MARA(Migration Agents Registration Authority)
  • Check if the consultant has a proper office set-up
  • You may also check their years of service
  • Read their terms and conditions thoroughly

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