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Big Data & Data Science Courses in Canada and its advantages

Big Data & Data Science Courses in Canada

Canada, being the favourite study abroad destination for international students is constantly focussing on the courses it provides the students. The prominence of the courses is determined based on the current demands and job opportunities for the students. Universities and colleges maintain a standard in their education system by providing internships and hands-on experience to the students while studying the course. Students gain a good work exposure and they explore the aspects of performing in their field of work.

There is a huge demand for big data graduates in Canada, where a shortage of data scientists and analysts was noted to be 19,000 as per the statistics of 2018. Foreseeing the demand for big data graduates, Canada is offering more big data analytics and machine learning courses. If you are a person looking for master’s education in big data analytics domain abroad, then Canada is the best choice. It makes you a data scientist by providing education and job as well.

Data science courses in Canada

This is the era of data, where we notice its omnipresence by witnessing a high quantity of data being generated every second. These data go useless unless it plays the role of a source for decision making in any field of process. The raw records are called data which are unprocessed. The processed data are called information which is obtained by data analytics. The person who analyses the data is called a data scientist. The role of a data scientist in the market is to provide the information and processing the data by performing manipulative operations and making decisions.

Canada, the marketplace for data scientists, is focussing on creating qualified data analytics professionals. It offers various data analytics courses in the master’s program. So, the people who are having a related under graduation degree can choose to be a data scientist in Canada. The job of a data scientist is more prestigious and technical in the industry. Having a master’s in data science may help the person acquire more technical knowledge thus, making the students as scholars in data science.

Few data science grad school programs are;

  • Master of Data Science
  • Sc. In computing and data analytics
  • Master’s in Big Data
  • Master’s in Data science and analytics
  • S. in Information studies
  • Professional Master’s Program in Big Data
  • Computing Science MSc in Big Data
  • Sc. in Data Science and Analytics
  • Master of Data analytics
  • Master of Science in Computing Science and Statistical Machine Learning

Universities in Canada offering data analytics PG programs

          Canadian universities are constantly delivering their superior education system to all its students, hence creating better professionals. The data science domain is a more advanced and emerging field in which there is a huge employment scope. Also, it is a need to have data scientists because it is the era of Big data. So, Canada is providing both education and job opportunity which is an effectual happening for the students studying there.

Top universities offering Data analytics master’s program are;

  • McGill University
  • University of British Colombia
  • Simon Fraser University
  • University of Waterloo
  • Carleton University
  • University of Western Ontario
  • Trent University
  • University of Alberta
  • University of Toronto
  • Ryerson University

Job opportunities

The job opportunities in Canada and around the world are vast and unbelievably remunerative. A big data graduate can be placed in the following job positions;

  • Statistician
  • Big data engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Professional
  • Data Mining engineer

These are some well-paid jobs where the professions specified above are related to the strategic decision making which provides positive results in the revenue of any organisation. So, being a big data or a data science graduate is a more professional and superior way for better employment.

CanApprove is serving the candidates who are willing to fly to Canada for overseas education. We have our team of experts who guide you in course selection, college selection and the best-suited way of applying for your visa. So far so good if you were thinking about a post-graduation in big data. We are glad to help you in achieving your dreams. We assure you have a successful life ahead by migrating to Canada for higher education. Connect with us to know more about big data courses and universities for PG in Canada.

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