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Become a Data Analyst in Canada!

Data Analysts

Canada is an emerging market for specialists like Artificial Intelligence, Data Engineering, Data Science and Data Analysts. Multiple job opportunities in Canada have widened the scope of these fields. 

A recently released report by LinkedIn mentioned Data Analysts in Canada as one of the top 15 emerging jobs in the country.  Major cities of Canada like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver are houses with companies that deal with scientific operations of analyzing data and thus the need for a specialist Data Analysts in Canada.

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Data Analysts in Canada are professionals that scrutinizes data-based information using data analysis tools. The derived meaningful results help their employers or clients make important operational decisions in their industry.  

Who usually employs Data Analysts in Canada? 

Data Analysts in Canada can be part-time, full-time work or on a contractual basis. Everyone ranging from non-profit organizations, government, and education, to high-tech, finance, and consumer product industries hire Data Analysts in Canada to accomplish critical tasks for the growth of organisation & self.

Construction companies Colleges & Universities
Utility companies Government departments
Oil, Gas & Mining companies Transportation companies
Hospitals & Health care Telecommunications companies
Insurance, Finance, Banking companies Manufacturing companies


Skills required for successful Data Analysts in Canada 

You need to possess a certain set of skills and attitude to be the best among Data Analysts in Canada that includes:

  • Enjoy performing statistical analysis of an event 
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Skilled in data visualization and reporting software
  • Coding and programming abilities
  • Proficiency with SQL (Structured Query Language) programming
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel
  • Professional problem-solving skills

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Work & Study in Canada

Canada offers excellent economic immigration programs like Express Entry for quick and easy migration of a foreign skilled worker. In addition to it, several Provincial Nominee Programs offer an easy opportunity to apply for permanent residence in Canada. 

To migrate as Data Analysts in Canada and get a job offer from a Canadian employer is possible with the right skill set & attitude. While most employers look for experienced Data Analysts in Canada, being a graduate from a Canadian university may turn the odds into your favour. 

The federal Express Entry programs like Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experienced Class & other Express Entry linked Provincial Nominee Programs provide the right pathway for permanent residence in Canada. 

Your temporary options to Canada include Post-graduation Work Permit if you are graduate from a Canadian university.


Qualifications to become Data Analysts in Canada

Employers looking for highly skilled Data Analysts in Canada requires the candidates to finish at least an undergraduate degree in fields such as:

Accounting Statistics
Mathematics Computer Science
Business management Engineering

However, some employers may require Data Analysts in Canada to also possess a master’s or doctoral degree. The most important trick of the trade is that aspiring Data Analysts in Canada train themselves in the usage of specific software products like Sisense, Looker, Periscope Data, etc. 


Typical job duties of Data Analysts

Being a Data Analysts in Canada, you may be expected to perform your duties & tasks in a certain way that may include:

  • Pick a certain section of data through advanced computerized models
  • In the process, remove erroneous data
  • Perform analysis to assess the quality & meaning of the data
  • The data screening process is carried out for a final check 
  • Sometimes you may also need to extrapolate data patterns from the computer model
  • Scientific methods of presentation such as preparing reports based on analysis must be always carried out for presentation.

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