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Canada education ranking: Canada leads in spending on education

Canada education ranking

Canada education ranking: Canada ranks fifth in Resources category

Those who aspire to pursue higher education in Canada are usually curious about Canada education ranking.  As per the report of Universitas 21 published in May, Canada is ahead of the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany when it comes to spending on education.

Universitas 21 is an Australian organization and it annually ranks 50 countries across four categories: Resources, Environment, Connectivity and Output.

The first Universitas ranking report was published in May 2012. Since then, the organization has been publishing reports in the past seven years.  In the 2018 rankings, the study considered the same 50 countries which were ranked in 2017.

Canada education ranking: Resources

In the Resources category, Canada has ranked fifth. This category measures the financial support of the government and private sector to higher education in the country, as a percentage of the GDP.

Canada education ranking in other categories:

Canada ranks sixth in Output category. This category measures the quality and impact of post-secondary research, the number of graduates and researchers, quality of top universities in the country and employability of graduates.

Canada education ranking: Connectivity

In Connectivity category, Canada ranked 12. Connectivity category measures the strength of the national and international links of the higher education system of a country. It also looks into whether the higher education system of a country would provide international education and research opportunities. Earlier, Canada education ranking in this category was 14.

Canada education ranking: Environment

In Environment category also, Canada education ranking has improved, from 20 to 13. This category assesses factors such as diversity of staff and students, competition between learning institutions and third-party monitoring of institutions’ performance.

Overall ranking of Canada is eighth.

Top ten countries in the U21’s Overall Rankings are:

#1 United States

#2 Switzerland

#3 The United Kingdom

#4 Sweden

#5 Denmark

#6 Finland

#7 Netherlands

#8 Canada

#9 Singapore

#10 Australia

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