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Data Analytics and Business Analytics courses in Canada!

Data Analytics

Canada is providing different programs for the education of international students. It is constantly being the favourite abroad destination for international students and immigrants.

There are programs offered in different domains and now, for those who are interested in Data Analytics and Business Analytics. Also, there are vast job opportunities in the field of study.

This is the best time if you are keen about enhancing your education in the field of Data Analytics and Business Analytics. Read the blog to know better…

Data Analytics

Data analytics is the mechanism which involves collecting, cleaning, pre-processing, transforming and modelling data with the purpose of extracting useful information and conclusion which help in decision making. Data analytics is used in different domains like business, science and social fields.

Data Mining

Data mining is a technique of data analytics which is concerned with data modelling and knowledge discovery of a particular process. The previous statistical data is mined from the warehouse and analysis is performed to predict the future results and possibilities.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is dealt with aggregation and clustering of the data in a business organisation. Business Intelligence focuses on extracting business information for making anticipatory business decisions according to the chances of a particular happening.

With respect to the statistical applications, Data Analytics is divided into,

  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Exploratory Statistics
  • Confirmatory Data Analytics

These are applicable for making business decisions and predictions.

Similarly, there is a predictive analysis which focuses on the applications of statistical models involving in predictive forecasting or classification.

Text analysis process applies statistical, structural and linguistic techniques in order to extract the information from textual sources and classify them.

Purpose of Data Analytics

Data Analytics is essential in every organisation. In this process, raw data is collected and processed to extract meaningful information primarily for making relevant and possible results.

The person who performs data analytics is called as a Data Analyst.

Business Analytics

Business analytics is a part of data analytics which is an iterative and methodological exploration of a specific organisation’s data, providing importance to statistical analysis. Business Analytics is used by most of the companies and organisations which make data-driven decisions (Business decisions made by analysing the previous data).

By performing business analytics,  a company can enhance the performance of itself by comparing its previous performance. This is an iterative method of exploration to sort out the flow of the business and then making decisions to enhance the performance. By this, the company gain more insights and revenues more than it made before.

Difference between Data Analytics and Business Analytics

Both Data Analytics and Business Analytics are merely the same. Business Analytics is used for predicting the future possibilities of a happening by using the statistical data and make decisions accordingly. It is used to make anticipatory acts in the business.

Data Analytics deals with the manipulative operations and processing of existing data in order to produce data models and obtaining relevant results.

Course Description

In Data Analytics and Business Analytics students learn about the properties of data and their manipulation techniques. They learn to make data analytics with the help of data analytics tools and produce different models and representations. There are more programs offered in Canada for the students to excel in the data analytics domain. Few of the programs are;

  • Master of Data Science
  • Master of Management Analytics
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Data Analytics for Business
  • Graduate Certificate in Research Analysis

There are even more programs offered in the field of data analytics and international students are extremely benefited by Canadian education. Many Colleges and Universities in Canada are offering data and business analytics courses. Few of them include;

  • Queen’s University
  • University of Ottawa
  • Trent University
  • University of Alberta
  • Georgian College
  • Conestoga College
  • Clair College

Career Pathways

There are different opportunities and career pathways for a student from a data analytics background. After the course completion he/she can work as;

  • Business Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Information Architect
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Data Engineer
  • Product Engineer

Benefits of Studying in Canada

There are emphasising benefits for a student if he/she plans abroad education in Canada. The benefits include;

  • High living standards
  • A world-class education at affordable cost
  • Live in a multicultural society
  • A worthy living and abroad life
  • Life the life others dream for
  • Get placed in a well-paid job in the field of practice

Canada is providing the best treatment and hospitality for international students and migrants. Canada will indubitably play a vital role in the success of its students. If you are waiting to plan your abroad education, your time has just arrived. Go on with the registration process…

Registration Process

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