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Common education terms to know before you study abroad!

Common education terms to know before you study abroad!

Chances are that you’re planning to study abroad and you’re here to explore the prerequisites. So, what major are you into? Which ‘Uni’ are you getting into? If it’s in Canada, did you make sure it’s a DLI?Course finderWait a minute! Do the words ‘Uni, Major, and DLI’ sound unfamiliar to you? Fret not! Because This blog is a well-carved ‘glossary’ of academic terms you need to know before studying abroad.

2022 is such a fresh start for studying abroad in countries like Canada, the UK, Australia. Begin your overseas education voyage now but before that learn this compilation of academic jargon that every international student must know. Scroll Down!!!

Academic Standing

During higher studies, the Grade Point Average (GPA) you score at the end of each semester decides your academic standing. You will be notified as having a good ‘academic standing’ when you pass the exams with acceptable grades, failing which you might be under academic probation.

Academic Probation

When you fail to meet the minimum GPA requirements, you’re under an ‘academic probation’. In most universities, a grade point average of 2.0 and below is considered insufficient, however, it may vary between the institutions. Have an eye on your academic marks and make the best of it!

Academic Year

An academic year generally consists of semesters and trimesters in some universities. The academic year differs depending upon the intakes such as Spring (May), Fall (September) Winter (January). In the case of Fall intake (September), the academic year will span from September to June.

Acceptance Letter

Letter of Acceptance (LOA) or acceptance letter is the formal document for the confirmation of your admission to the university/college you applied for. While it’s called LOA in Canada, it is called the Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) in the UK.

Note: You can apply for a Study Permit only upon receiving an acceptance letter from the university/college.


As an international student, you can get financial assistance called bursaries. Generally, a bursary is provided by the university or any private organization. You may use the funds for your tuition fees, other academic and living expenses. While scholarships are offered based on good academic performance, bursaries are provided to support the financial insufficiency of students.

Co-op programs

By selecting a co-op program, you get the benefit of working in the relevant major while you study, gaining work experience in the same industry. Unlike internships which come as paid and unpaid, these co-op programs offer you to work and earn, which is REALLY a great benefit for international students.

Community college

These types of colleges are similar to polytechnic colleges that offer diploma courses. Community colleges offer short-term programs, usually 2 years. For example, Saskatchewan Polytechnic in Canada is a community college.


Fellowship is different from a scholarship in a way that it need not provide financial assistance to students. It is a reward or assistance (maybe financial) offered for students to pursue research studies and is more of a status than a financial grant. For example, if you’re studying aeronautics, you maybe offered fellowship that allows you to study and do research at NASA. Fellowship is based on universities and the course you opt for.


In Canada, Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) are meant to host international students. You can obtain a Canada Study Permit only by receiving an Acceptance letter from a DLI accredited educational institution. Check out the previous blog about DLI in Canada to know more!

Gap year 

A gap year otherwise called an ‘Academic gap year’ is the duration of about one year pursuing no education at all. While applying for a master’s program abroad, an academic gap is a duration between the completion of your undergraduate degree and the time of your current application.

Grad Dip

Graduate Diploma (Grad Dip) are diploma programs that you can pursue after a bachelor’s degree. You can go with a Graduate diploma program if you want to expertise in your major and learn more industrial-based knowledge.

Hybrid courses

A hybrid course is a commingling of an online class and a regular class. Unlike 100% online learning programs in due to the pandemic, this comes as a relief to international students. Hybrid courses comes with a benefit that, you spend a portion of the program studying online and a portion studying in the classroom.


Major is a term denoting the core field of study you’re into. For example, in engineering, you can choose various majors such as Mechanical engineering, Civil engineering, Electrical engineering.


A post-graduate work permit (PGWP) allows international students to work in Canada after graduation. Before choosing your university/college, make sure to select a course that enables you to obtain a PGWP

Proof of funds

In countries like Canada and the UK, you must demonstrate funds in your bank account to pursue your higher education. The amount differs between the countries, hence, check the respective official websites or get the help of an overseas education consultant to guide you.


STEM courses are a wide range of study which is an amalgamation of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Every program related to these four majors is a STEM course. STEM programs are highly sought after in recent times and career opportunities will  skyrocket in the future. 


Uni is academic lingo of the international students, for the term ‘University’ widely used in the UK and  Canada. 


This blog will be your perfect dictionary to learn the most common academic terms as you start your life as an international student. Stay connected as we share updated information on overseas education like trending courses to study abroad, universities abroad, student visas, and all you need to know about studying abroad.

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