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DLI in Canada: A must-know for Canada education aspirants!

DLI in Canada

Your dream to study in Canada might not be far! While planning on it, make sure you’re not missing out on something. Have you ever heard of DLIs in Canada? Knowing about Designated Learning Institution (DLI) is a vital prerequisite for your education in Canada. If you’re thinking- “Really?” take a seat on your cozy couch and read this blog, which would save your time and money. We bet on it!
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What is a DLI in Canada?

Every educational institution in Canada must be approved as a DLI by the provincial or territorial government. ‘Designated Learning Institution’ certifies that the institution can host international students and provide the necessary infrastructure.

Why must you study in a DLI? 

These two reasons hold the fact that as an international student, you must study in a DLI:

1. Obtaining a study permit

The entry point of studying in Canada – ‘a Canada study permit’ lies in choosing a college/university enlisted as DLI. You can apply for a study permit only with the ‘Acceptance letter’ that you had received from the college/university. Hence, before applying for admission, make sure to check the DLI status of the institution.

If the college/university is not on the Designated Learning Institution list, you must skip them. Have an eye on the DLI Canada list!

2.A doorway to PGWP!

Apart from the academic knowledge and degree, international students anticipate a ‘work permit’ after graduation in Canada. You can obtain a PGWP if you study in a DLI that offers one.

Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) allows international students to work in Canada after studying. The duration of PGWP can range from 1 to 3 years. For example, if you graduate with a 1-year degree program in Canada, you can expect a PGWP up to 1 year and with a 2-year program you can expect up to 3-year PGWP.

Note: However, you are not guaranteed a PGWP if you study in DLI because not every DLI offers a work permit. Moreover, you must also meet the necessary eligibility and requirements to obtain the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP).

DLI and PGWP – The myth-busting!

Myth: Studying in a DLI makes you eligible to obtain a PGWP

Fact: That’s not true! Even though some institutions are listed as DLI, you won’t be eligible to get a PGWP. Hence, it would help if you research finding a DLI that is aligned with a PGWP.

What is a Designated Learning Institution number?

A DLI number is a unique code allotted for the institution that starts with the letter ‘O’. You must add the DLI number in the ‘Details of intended study in Canada’ section of your study permit application.

Checking the DLI and PGWP details

Here are a few steps to check the DLI number, status, and PGWP information.

1.Visit the DLI web portal
2.Search by the college/university name
3.Select the province
4.Select PGWP preference (if needed)

And there it is! You can now view the DLI number and know whether the college/university is eligible for the PGWP program or not. Make sure you keep a note of the DLI number since you’ll need it for the Canada study permit application.

For example, the Designated Learning Institution number for the University of British Columbia (UBC) is O19330231062; and studying here will make you eligible for a Post Graduate Work Permit program.

Note: From June of 2014, all universities/college must add their DLI number in the ‘Acceptance Letter’ sent to the students. This move would help international students add the DLI number in the study permit application.

Response to the pandemic

All Designated Learning Institutions follow Covid-19 readiness plans which include:

1.The DLI must consider and act for the health and safety of the nearby community
2.The DLI must manage your 14-day quarantine period, which provides transportation to your location
3.It must provide support and information on sourcing essential items during quarantine, availing health insurance and health advice

Owing to this unpredictable pandemic situation, the Canadian government has ordered the DLIs to make necessary COVID-19 safety infrastructure to host international students on their campus. With the frequent changes in international border entries and restrictions, DLIs have decided to encourage international students to study in Canada. Intl’ students consider the readiness plans and support as a bright spot during these challenging times.

Take-home message

Studying in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) is the core for obtaining a Canada Study Permit and a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). Moreover, DLI enlisted colleges have the advantage of providing basic infrastructure for international students and abide by the Covid-19 readiness plans. As a result, more international students are showing interest in Canada despite the pandemic. Hold on with us as we bring you curated blogs on trendy courses, colleges, and overseas education updates.

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