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Working part-time in the UK as an international student: The fresher’s digest!

working part-time in the UK as international student

‘Part-time jobs and international students’ have intertwined in recent times so much that it has become ‘common’ while studying abroad. Unlike the Indianized ‘taboo of working while studying’, countries like the UK have witnessed a sea of part-time workers in their workforce. And international students in the UK, see it as a ray of hope.

The scholarly culture and remarkable universities in the UK, have long been the feather in its cap. With international students ‘Edu-flocking’ to the UK, part-time jobs have grown owing to the need for students to manage expenses. In this blog, you will learn the stem-to-stern of working part-time in the UK. Scroll down!

Why must you work part-time while studying abroad?

Life might turn out to be different now! After paying the first-year tuition fees and handling other expenses, as you move to the UK you might face ‘living cost’ surprises. If you’re from India, the contrasting economy and lifestyle can ‘shock’ you at first; but the evolved student culture will be a tap on your shoulder.

As an international student, you can take care of your living expenses, tuition fee, and other academic expenses as well. Working part-time in the UK is so ‘normal’ that employers here open doors for international students at large. Part-time work will earn you not just money but a valuable life experience.

Part-time work rules for international students

International students must abide by a few rules and restrictions while working part-time in the UK. Failing, you might face severe conviction and result in jeopardizing your stay. If you hold a tier-4 UK student visa which allows you only to study for a full-time degree in the UK, the following rules apply:

  • You can work for 20 hours per week if you are pursuing a degree-level course or above.
  • You can only work for 10 hours per week if you are pursuing a foundation course or a language course.
  • However, you can work full time during academic breaks in both cases.

Note: You cannot work part-time in the UK if you hold a short-time study visa or a visitor visa or pursuing a part-time course.

You are restricted to work in the following streams:
  • Freelancing
  • Self-employment
  • Selling goods (including online)
  • Consultancy
  • Contractor

Look out! If you find these words in your visa- “No work or recourse to public funds”, you are completely restricted to work in the UK.

What are the best part-time jobs for Intl’ students?

You have two choices when you’re about work part-time in the UK: On-campus and off-campus.

On-campus jobs:

Getting a part-time job inside the campus can be one of the best things that can happen to you. You get the comfort of working after your class hours. You can avoid searching for jobs and traveling to work. Here are a few on-campus job opportunities:

  • Campus guide
  • Lab assistant
  • Campus ambassador
  • Library assistant
  • Resident assistant
  • Teaching assistant
  • Student content creator
Off-campus jobs:

International students are considered as one of the integral parts of the UK culture owing to its rich history of education universities. Just like in Canada, people of the UK welcome international students and hire them for work with no hesitancy. There is a range of part-time jobs from which students can opt for such as:

  • Grocery store assistant
  • Bookstore helper
  • Barista
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Cashier
  • Delivery driver
  • Administrator
  • Receptionist
  • Private tutor
  • Sales associate

How much will you earn?

The average salary for international students per hour can range between £ 8.50 to £ 11.50 (pounds). However, part-time jobs in marketing and education in the UK have an average salary of £ 11 (pounds) per hour.

Where can you search for part-time jobs?

  • Newspapers

You can look for the local jobs around you in the regional newspapers. Keep an eye on them every day!

  • Online job portals

Websites like Indeed, Reed, Monster, and StudentJob can help you find preferred part-time jobs using personalized searches.

  • University Career Centre

You must step into the University Career Centre to get career guidance and consultation. With their assistance, you can find on-campus and off-campus jobs as well.

Apart from this, you can always network with your friends and professors to know about the local part-time job opportunities.

National Insurance (NI) number

Once you get a job offer from an employer in the UK, you must apply for the National Insurance number. As per law, you will be paying taxes if your income exceeds the tax allowances. If your income is below £12,570 per year, you are exempted from paying taxes.

Work-study balance

Focus on the work-study balance! Your aim is to study in the UK to gain seamless education and cultural experience. Hence, while working part-time in the UK make sure you have enough time for study and academic work.


Lately, working part-time has become a parallel road for your higher education in the UK. Moreover, almost every international student works part-time during their higher studies and so will you. This blog might have nurtured you with sweeping information about the part-time job scenarios and a guide to find one. Have an eye on more of our overseas education blogs, as we share updated information about trending courses, universities, and student visas.

Overseas education, immigration services, and beyond, we cover it all. CanApprove has sustained its reputation in this field, as a client-friend company for 23+ bright years. Talk to our overseas education consultants to launch your education trek abroad!

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