Hospitality Programs in Malaysia

Hospitality Programs
Posted January 4, 2018

Hospitality is one of the few industries that has continued to thrive worldwide despite economic instability. The hospitality industry offers many opportunities to the younger generation, especially individuals with finance, supervisory and managerial skills.

Though the popular destinations for higher education in Hospitality have been the USA, the UK and Europe, recently the popularity of Australia, Canada, and South East Asian countries has increased. Among these countries, Malaysia is emerging as a hotspot for higher education courses in Hospitality, attracting students from different parts of the world.

Why Study Hospitality in Malaysia?
  • No interview for admission
  • No English language proficiency tests required
  • Courses available at various levels
  • Low cost of education and living
Hospitality and Tourism Programs at Private Universities & Colleges in Malaysia
  • Skill Certificate programs
  • Certificate-level programs
  • Diploma-level programs
  • Advanced Diploma-level programs
  • Bachelor’s Degree programs
Hospitality and Tourism Programs at Public Universities & Colleges in Malaysia
  • Bachelor’s degree programs
Universities Offering Hospitality Programs
  • Curtin University
  • Sunway University
  • SEGI University
  • University Utara Malaysia
  • UCSI University
  • Asia e University
  • International Islamic University of Malaysia
  • Quest International University Perak
  • UNITAR International University
Other Institutions Offering Hospitality Programs
  • Tunku Abdul Rahman University College
  • First City University College
  • City University College of Science and Technology
  • Legend International College of Hospitality and Tourism
  • SIDMA College
Industries you can Work in with a Hospitality & Tourism Qualification
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Casinos
  • Cruise Ships
  • Airlines
  • Event Management
  • Retail
  • Restaurants and Catering
  • Theme Parks
  • Travel and Tour Agencies
  • Sports and Leisure

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Hospitality Programs in Malaysia

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