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Middlesex University in London has opened the gates for Jan’20 intake!

Middlesex University uk
Middlesex University

This is a publicly funded university located at Hendon in London, England. This institute was instantiated in the year 1878. In 1973, after delivering its immense educational service for nearly 100 years, the college was renamed as Middlesex Polytechnic. This institute played a vital role in creating more successful and skilful graduates over these years. In 1998, Middlesex Polytechnic got University status and was called from then as Middlesex University.

This is one of the best universities in the UK. There are diversified courses in the UK offered for the education of international students and some important and well-doing courses for masters are granted here at the Middlesex University, Hendon. Scholarships in UK are supplemental for international students.

The top-class education system in the UK is the primary factor for the graduates of UK universities being so knowledgeable and skilful. It is an asserting factor that the life of students studied in the UK will see happiness to its fullest. Continue reading the blog to know more about the courses in UK…


London, the largest city in the whole of England and the UK is the capital city of England. It contains the highest population in the European Union. London is the best city in the world because it is the most influential, important, investment-friendly, innovative, popular for work and vegetarian-friendly. It is ranked 26th place in 300 major cities which are economically performing. London is one of the powerful and largest financial centres in the world.

The people in London are diversified with different cultures and more than 300 languages spoken throughout the country. London is the most preferred city by international visitors to visit and migrate.

The economy is based on tourism, service industries and manufacturing. Automotive export has a valid place in England’s revenue. It has a mixed economy wholly in England which is the largest economy of the UK. England’s GDP Per Capita is 18th highest in the world.

The climate here in London is said to be temperate oceanic. It brings warm summers and cold winters. The climate of England is stated to be temperate maritime which brings cold winters and warm summers. The climate of England impacts London too. London stands top in the list of favourite and the best place for abroad students aspiring to do a higher study. Middlesex University is located here in this region!

There are renowned Universities in the UK, and many are housed in England. One of those universities is Middlesex University. The education system in UK is the most specialised and developed education system found in the world. There are different domains and types of courses in UK which are found in Middlesex University of London. Read to know more… 

Courses in Middlesex University

There are different courses in the UK offered for the education of international students. The most well-doing master’s courses are opened for January’20 intake. The programs include;

  • MBA with Integrated Placement (15 months/24 months)
  • M.Sc. Marketing and Corporate Communications with Integrated Placement (15 months/24 months)
  • M.Sc. Digital Marketing with Integrated Placement (15 months/24 months)
  • M.Sc. Global Supply Chain Management with Placement (15 months/24 months)
  • MA Human Resource Management  with Placement (15 months/24 months) (previously MA People Management and Development)
  • MA International Business Management with Placement (15 months/24 months)
  • MA International Human Resource Management with Placement (15 months/24 months)

These are the courses offered by the Middlesex University in the UK for the openings of January 2020. There are exclusive scholarships in UK for international students. You can avail the scholarship by meeting the eligibility criteria and optimise your educational expenses. Aspiring to study overseas? Then go ahead. You’ve got the right source.  

Benefits of studying in the UK

The long-term benefits for an international student to feel happy about studying in UK are as follows;

  • Live your dream
  • More job opportunities in the field of Study
  • Live in one of the richest countries
  • Study in one of the top university of the world
  • Technically and Professionally developed
  • Get exposed to a different culture
Waive off IELTS…

Another worth stating information is, the UK does not require IELTS anymore from international students to study there. You can substitute the IELTS by your 12th grade English mark (if it’s 70% and above) to omit IELTS.

Abroad education remains the best aspect of life which gives a never before and never again experience for an international student. The education system in the UK, Universities in UK, courses in UK all are just provided for the welfare of the student community. Taking a step ahead, the UK government is providing more scholarships for international students in UK. Choose now, how you wish to be!

What next? Registration, it is! Get on there. 

Registration Process

The Middlesex University of London in the UK has opened the master’s programs for January 2020 intake! Plan your master’s degree in United Kingdom! Apply now with CanApprove.

We are providing education and immigration services for aspirants who are willing to migrate or study overseas! Our service is continuing successfully since 1998, for more than 20 years. Our experienced and skilful consultants help you completely with all your process of abroad plan right from the start till you move. Connect with us to know more about studying masters at the Middlesex University in London, UK!

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