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The University of Hertfordshire in UK has opened the programs for Jan’20 intake

The University of Hertfordshire in UK has opened the programs for Jan’20 intake

Being one of England’s home countries, Hertfordshire is situated in the south of England. Hertfordshire has its borders, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire in the north, London in the south, Essex in the east and Buckinghamshire in the west.  

This country encapsulates 10 districts in it and has more grasslands. The undeveloped lands in the country are generally farming lands where the country encourages farming and performs it for economic purposes. Hertfordshire has good access to London by its motorways and railways.

The economy of the country lies in the service industry which is the largest sector. Agriculture also contributes more to the economy of the country. The country has a temperate maritime climate. It brings warm summers and cool winters. This is the country where the University of Hertfordshire is situated at. Read on to know more about studying masters in England!


University of Hertfordshire

The University of Hertfordshire is a publicly funded, renowned university in Hertfordshire, UK. It was established in the year 1952 as Hatfield Technical College. After providing 40 years of service to the students, this institute gained the university status in the year 1992 and was also renamed as University of Hertfordshire.

This is one of the best universities in the UK. It has been creating more skilful graduates and successful professionals over these years. There are more courses in UK and some of the important courses for masters are granted here at the University of Hertfordshire. Also, there are more scholarships in UK for international students.

The education system in the UK is the main reason for the graduates of UK universities being so skilful and knowledgeable. It is a vouching factor that the life of an individual who studied in UK will have prosperity to its fullest. Continue the blog and know more about courses in UK…


Courses in the UK

There are more courses offered at the University of Hertfordshire for international students. Few of the courses are opened for January 2020 intake! They are;

  • Software Engineering with Placement Year
  • Advanced Computer Science with Placement Year
  • Cyber Security with Placement Year
  • Artificial Intelligence with Robotics with Placement Year
  • Finance and Investment Banking with Placement Year
  • Computer Science with Placement Year
  • Computer Networking with Placement Year
  • International Business
  • International Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management with Placement Year

All these are 2 years masters courses (with placement year) offered for January 2020 intake along with exclusive scholarships in the UK for international students. If you meet the eligibility to avail the scholarship, your scholarship gets approved and your educational expenses can be optimized. This is the best opportunity if you are aspiring to study abroad. Go ahead!


Benefits of studying in the UK

There are some long-term benefits of studying in the UK for which international students could feel happy about. Few of those benefits include;

  • Live your dream
  • Get exposed to a different culture
  • Study in one of the top university of the world
  • More job opportunities in the field of Study
  • Live in one of the richest countries
  • Technically and Professionally developed


No more IELTS…

There is pleasant news for abroad aspirants who plan to study in UK! You don’t need to take up IELTS exam for getting admission to a UK university. Instead you can use your 12th grade English score (if it’s 70%) to waive off IELTS.

Overseas education remains the best part of the life of an individual. The main reason for profound success of the students of UK universities is the most technical and unique education system in UK. There are more universities in UK offering more programs for the education of international students. Among the diversified courses in UK, choose yours now!

There are more Scholarships in the UK for international students. If you have always been thinking of pursuing your studies abroad, this is your best chance and UK is your best choice. What next? Registration Process. Get on there…


Registration Process

The University of Hertfordshire in UK has opened the master’s programs for January 2020 intake! Plan for your master’s degree in United Kingdom! Apply with CanApprove.

We are providing education and immigration services for aspirants who are willing to study and migrate overseas successfully since 1998, for more than 20 years. Our consultants are skilful and experienced. They help you completely with all your process of abroad plan right from the start till you move. Connect with us to know more about studying masters at the University of Hertfordshire in UK!

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