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Graduate Certificate Program in Malta June 20


Malta (officially known as the Republic of Malta) is an island country in Europe’s south. It encapsulates a group of islands in the Mediterranean sea. Malta marks to be the tenth smallest and fifth most densely populated in the world. the capital of Malta is Valletta which is the European Union’s smallest national capital. Maltese and English are spoken throughout though Maltese being recognised as the official language of the nation. 

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Malta relies on film production, foreign trade, manufacturing and tourism. Also, the country has some world-class institutions providing many programs for international students. Thus implicating the contribution of education rooting to the government. Now, bringing to your knowledge about the Graduate Certificate program in Malta for Nurses. Are you a Nursing practitioner? Enhance your professional abilities by enrolling to the graduate certificate program in Malta and become a Registered Nurse in Europe. 


Nursing (Graduate Certificate) – Course Description

The program is offered by the Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology. This is a level – 6 program for nursing practitioners which requires a Nursing degree already. 

It’s the basic criterion for the applicants of this program. This briding program is particular and exclusive for Non-Citizens of EU who are practising nursing in their respective homelands. 

Students get the utmost knowledge in nursing, social care settings and health science. This program bridges the gap between conventional knowledge about health science and the knowledge demanded to work internationally. Students learn to handle pressure and work in critical conditions. Data collection methods, extraction, analysis, tools and systems are studied in this program. The ideology to perform healthcare tasks, workplace behaviour and component usage techniques are provided under the supervision of authorities and field experts. The student develops a proficient tongue in this program as well. 


Some of the topics covered are…

  • Multidisciplinary approaches in Health and social care
  • Quality assurance in Health and social care
  • Ethical Issues and decision making
  • Work-based training in Health science
  • Intermediate English
  • Gerontology
  • Mental health


Take away…

  • A wide range of knowledge in the areas that were not included in the native study or the workplace. 
  • Perceive local nursing practice methods in Europe. 
  • The matters of ethics, religion and other aspects to go with the flow of work in a different country. 


Job Opportunities

You unlock a wide range of job opportunities by completing the program and registering as a Nursing practitioner in the Malta Council of Nurses and Midwives. On qualifying the same, you can work as a registered nurse in Europe. On completing this, you become eligible to practice nursing anywhere around the world. Yeah!

There are also program to study after completing this program if you wish to further your academic qualification. 


Benefits of Studying in Malta

Some of the benefits you enjoy by studying Nursing in Malta are,

  • Living your dream
  • Getting registered as a nurse
  • Living in one of the richest countries
  • Allowed to work 20 hours a week
  • Studying in one of the top universities of the world
  • Stay back options after course completion
  • Possibilities for getting PR
  • Technically and Professionally developing
  • Getting exposed to a different culture

These are the benefits that make your study a fruitful one. After completing this program, you get a 6 month stay back period to get placed into work and following the same you work under a work visa which can be converted to PR after working there for 2 to 3 years. 

If you’re a nurse looking forward to attaining international standards for your life and profession, then you won’t find a better chance than this. Your profession is helping you to migrate and embrace European citizenship. Never lose it. 


Registration Process

Malta’s nursing program is the best for international students (Nursing practitioners) who think of enhancing the professional skills to get escalated to a better position. Become a Registered European Nurse Apply with CanApprove. We are here to help.

We are delivering the best overseas education and immigration services successfully since 1998, for more than 22 years. You will be guided by our expert consultants team in every possible aspect of your abroad education plan. Connect with us to know more about studying Nursing in Malta. 

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