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Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in France

Scholarships for Indian Students in France

In the assured words of French President Emmanuel Macron on India’s 75th Republic Day, France will welcome 30,000 students by 2030.  Acknowledging his words, the French Government offers various kinds of scholarships for Indian students in France to stay and accommodate.  But they seem confused about the nature of scholarship and its particulars.  So, to get things straight, this blog discloses the necessary information that students from India find beneficial.

Throughout the blog, you can find the scholarships for Indian students with their duration, selection, and benefits, along with tips on how to get those scholarships, and it wraps up with some answered questions.

Types of Scholarships for Indian Students in France

Indian students who decide to study in France can avail of scholarships at different levels of credentials, such as undergraduate student scholarships, post-graduate scholarships, MBA scholarships, doctoral scholarships, and other levels of study in a number of subject areas.  However, scholarships for Indian students in France can be divided into three types

  • 1. Government Scholarship
  • 2. Non-Government Scholarship
  • 3. University-based Scholarship

France Government Scholarships

The French government offers scholarships for Indian students in France to achieve their academic goals.  Since the funding comes wholly from the government, they provide scholarships for students irrespective of the nature of the college/university they pursue.  The following are the list of top Govt-based scholarships

  • The Charpak Scholarship Programme
  • The Erasmus+ Mobility Scholarship Programme
  • Raman Charpak Scholarship
  • Eiffel Scholarship Program for Excellence

1. The Charpak Scholarship Programme

The scholarship programme was named after the late Nobel laureate Georges Charpak.  The scholarship provides around € (700-860) per month, one of the eligible for waiving a student visa, a fee exemption from Campus France’s administrative process and assistance for finding a suitable accommodation in France.

Programs Bachelors, Masters, Research Internship and Exchange Programs
Eligibility Criteria
  • Indian National/OCI Card Holder
  • Enrolled in a University
  • Bachelors – Up to 23 years of Age
  • Masters, Internship and Programs – Up to 30 years of age
  • Masters – 1 to 2 years
  • Bachelor, Internship and Programs – Up to 3 years
Selection Criteria
  • Academic Excellence, Consistency and the Quality of Individual’s Statement of Purpose
  • A guaranteed monthly stipend
  • Social Security
  • Aids the accommodation and Fee waivers

2. The Erasmus+ Mobility Scholarship Programme

Erasmus+, an EU-based programme, provides scholarships for students abroad, including Indian students, to study across Europe.  The programme funds sectors such as education, sports, training, and youth programmes which focus on the overall development of the student.  Also, Scholarship Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s offers scholarship and grants awards to the best students irrespective of the field of study.

Programs Masters
Eligibility Criteria
  • Completion/On-going Bachelor Programme
  • Applied in at-least 3 countries in 3 different institutions that are part of the program
  • 1 – 2 Academic years
Selection Criteria
  • Multi-stage Process.
  • Assessment is based upon Merits.
  • The criteria include screening and telephonic interviews.
  • Covers the basic expenses
  • Offers mobility scholarships across EU.

3. Raman Charpak Scholarship

Raman-Charpak Scholarship is a joint initiative between the Embassy of France in India, Department of Science and Technology under Ministry of Science & Technology and Ministry of Europe & Foreign Affairs in the Government of France.  The motto is to carry out research work in university (or) Research & Development Institute based in France (or) India.

Programs Doctorate-level
Eligibility Criteria
  • Indian/France citizen
  • Age – 30 years
  • Registered in a recognized University (or) Institution
  • Master’s Degree mandatory
  • Pre-authorization or prior consent from the University/Institute
  • 2-6 months
Selection Criteria
  • Academic Excellence, Consistency and the Quality of Individual’s Statement of Purpose
  • Monthly stipend of €1500
  • Covers one return airline ticket, insurance, visa and registration costs.

4. Eiffel Scholarship Program for Excellence

The Eiffel Scholarship is one of the preferred scholarships for students abroad, especially Indians.  It is also a joint initiative offered by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEAE) and International Development through Campus France Paris.  The stipend will be € 1181 (For Master’s) and € 1400 (PhD) per month plus additional allowances for life expenditures.

Programs Masters and Doctorate’s
Eligibility Criteria
  • Proof as an Indian national
  • Age limit (Maximum): Master – 30 years and Doctorate – 35 years
  • Pass Language Proficiency
  • Masters – 12-36 Months
  • Doctorate – 6 to 36 Months
Selection Criteria
  • Application selected by French Higher Educational Institutions
  • Stipend covers the expenses
  • Assistance to cover the insurances

France Non-Government Scholarships

Non-Government Scholarship (or) Co-Financed Scholarship is a joint venture between a French embassy and various other French organizations in India or abroad.  The motto behind these scholarships to study abroad is to support the meritorious Indian students financially for their duration of their stay in France.  The following is a list of non-government scholarships for Indian students in France:

  • The Fullbright Scholarship for Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS) de Rennes Award
  • Civil Society Leadership Awards
  • AIFS Scholarship
  • UGAM Legrand Scholarship

1. The Fullbright Scholarship for Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS) de Rennes Award

The Rennes Award is aimed at providing higher education scholarships in France.  It is one of France’s most prestigious and competitive Grandes Écoles, with distinct schools offering scholarships in fields such as Law, Mechatronics, Management, Computer Science, and so on.

Programs Master programs in Science or Humanities
Eligibility Criteria
  • Indian citizen
  • Age – Within 30 years
  • Enrolled in Rennes School
  • 2 Years
Selection Criteria
  • Application and Phone Interview
  • Tuition fee covered
  • Assistance to cover the insurances

2. Civil Society Leadership Awards

The scholarship waives out the full tuition fee for the students who clearly prove academic and professional excellence and a deep commitment to lead a positive change in society.  The scholarship will be provided to students who pursue a degree in Europe, Asia, etc.

Programs Masters
Eligibility Criteria
  • Professional Experience
  • Pass in English Proficiency Test
  • 1 Year
Selection Criteria
  • Application and Document Verification
  • Stipend covers the monetary necessities

3. AIFS Scholarship

AIFS scholarships provide the adequate financial assistance to students who study at France University (or) in college without any hindrance.  It is one of the international scholarships for Indian students so that they can enhance their academic journey with international exposure and cultural exchanges.

Programs Bachelor, Master, Doctorate
Eligibility Criteria
  • Requirement of the academic course Minimum 3.0 GPA (or 30%)
  • (1-10) Months
Selection Criteria
  • Application and Document Verification
  • Monthly expenses taken care off Social Security

4. UGAM Legrand Scholarship

The UGAM Legrand Scholarship is awarded by the Legrand Group in association with the Franco – Indian Education Trust with the support of French Embassy in India.  It is awarded to students who wish to pursue studies in engineering (or) management studies.

Programs Bachelor & Master level of Management and Engineering
Eligibility Criteria
  • Indian citizen
  • Strong Motivation to study in France
  • Bachelor – 3 Years
  • Master – 2 Years
Selection Criteria
  • Interviews / Written Test
  • Social Security
  • Networking
  • International Experience

University-Based Scholarship

Like the above two, France Universities too provide scholarships for Indian students in France.  Most of the scholarships help students to pursue their degree choice and cover the most expenses.  The list of the scholarships of university-based are:

  • Emile Boutmy Scholarship
  • INSEAD Scholarship
  • Ampere Excellence Scholarship
  • HEC Paris Scholarship

1. Emile Boutmy Scholarship

Emile Boutmy Scholarship is offered by Sciences Po, a France University, to students with non-European background.  This scholarship is backed by sponsors to help the meritorious and talented students, which includes Indian students as well.

Programs UG and PG Degree at Sciences Po
Eligibility Criteria
  • First-time applicant
  • Proof of financial need and merit
  • Bachelor – 3 Years
  • Master- 1-2 Years
Selection Criteria
  • Academic Performance and Application Form
  • Variable scholarship from partial to full waive.
  • Grand to assist with living expense.

2. INSEAD Scholarship

INSEAD Scholarship is offered from the INSEAD: The Business school of the world.  There are 6 key scholarships for Indian students at INSEAD which they can choose as per the need.

Programs MBA
Eligibility Criteria
  • Academic achievements
  • Professional Excellence
  • 10-17 months
Selection Criteria
  • Application and Interview
  • Monthly expenses taken care off Social Security

3. Ampere Scholarship of Excellence

This scholarship is offered by Ensylon University, and this is one of the top university scholarships for Indian students in France.  With the aid of the Ampere Scholarships of Excellence, outstanding international students have the chance to enroll provided by ENS de Lyon.

Programs Master
Eligibility Criteria
  • International Student
  • Attended the programme in arts (or) in specific field
  • 10 Months
Selection Criteria
  • Application – Documentation – Interview
  • Covers the expenses
  • International Community
  • Cultural Exchanges

4. HEC Paris Scholarship

The HEC Paris scholarship for excellence encourages international students to apply for high-ranked business schools.  The scholarships are awarded in various categories such as merit-based, need-based (or) criteria-based.

Programs MBA Program
Eligibility Criteria
  • Merit-based
  • 10 months – 2 Years
Selection Criteria
  • Academic Skills
  • Application
  • Interview
  • GMAT Score
  • 50% relaxation in the tuition fee

Tips on How to Get the Scholarship for Indian students in France

Once students have grasped the fundamentals of scholarships in France, it’s crucial to understand the application process.  Though there are many scholarships, which may make the student overwhelmed, they need to sort out the most essential one.  Following are the tips about getting the scholarship for Indian students in France:

  • Decide the course and the university in France for pursuing the abroad education.
  • After finalizing, visit the official websites to check the scholarship details. Some of them are Campus France, University websites and so on.
  • Prepare the necessary documents before applying for the scholarship. Make sure that the documents are intact.
  • While applying, pay attention to the deadline since they are subjective from one scholarship to another.
  • Follow the application process and some may require submitting via online and some via physical submission.

In the End…

On the whole, Indian students who wish to study in France worry mostly about the tuition fees, accommodation costs, and other expenses.  With the right scholarship and the right knowledge about it, every aspiration can actually happen.  In this blog, we presented the specifics regarding scholarships for Indian students in France.  For better understanding and clarity, consider visiting CanApprove.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I get full scholarship to study in France?
Yes, you can get the full scholarship based upon its nature.
How to apply for scholarship in France?
One can apply for scholarship in France either via Campus France website or via official university websites.
Can I study France without IELTS?
Yes, it is possible to study in France without IELTS.  Instead, one can attend other English proficiency tests such as TOEFL as per the course requirements.
What is the best scholarship for MBA students in France?
Ultimately, both the scholarships (INSEAD & HEC Paris) are the best scholarships for MBA students in France.
What level of French is required to study in France?
The level of French language varies as per the course requirements.  But the basic level of certification would be B2.

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