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Why Indian students choose Canada over USA?

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In the past few years, Canada has become the most preferred study abroad destination for international students compared to the USA. The reasons are many, the most important among them being affordability, increased work opportunities and high quality of education. Another reason is more chances for permanent residency in the country. Now let’s explore in detail the factors that make Canada the most preferred international study destination compared to the US.

1. Better chances for permanent residency

There are thousands of Indians who have been waiting to obtain their US Green Card, even for almost five to six years. Moreover, the US has also recently cancelled the spousal work permits for H1B holders. In short, the US is turning increasingly hostile towards foreign students and their aspirations to settle in the country after studies.

At the same time, Canada has a number of immigration programs that allow international students to apply for permanent residence once they finish their studies. Permanent residence in Canada comes with work rights for the spouses, free education for children and free healthcare for the family among many other benefits. This is a major reason why many Indian students prefer Canada over USA.

2. High quality of life, low cost of living

Canada promises a quality life in a peaceful and nurturing atmosphere. The hostile policies towards foreign students and immigrants and a surge in racism and related crimes in the US have made the Indian students turn their focus towards Canada. There was a significant rise in the number of foreign students seeking admission in Canadian institutions in the past few years. This can be attributed to a certain extent to the political atmosphere caused by Trump rule in the US and Brexit in the UK.

3. A welcoming atmosphere

Interestingly, these are not the only reasons for the rise in the number of international students in Canada. Canada is also taking concrete steps to attract more international students to the country. Canadian student visa or study permit is comparatively easier to obtain and the admission procedures are simpler. Moreover, international students can work for three years in Canada after their studies, unlike the US where the foreign students do not have such an option.

Canada also promotes diversity that helps foreign students to feel more at home. In Canada, one is free to follow his/her own culture without having to face hostility.

4. High quality education

Canadian degrees have high value in the international job market. Canadian government also gives highest priority to ensure that the education offered in Canadian institutions of higher education is of world-class quality. Many Canadian universities are among the list of the best universities in the world.

5. High employment rate

Canadian graduates enjoy high employment prospects, both in Canada and abroad. Most of the graduates from Canadian institutions are getting placed within six months after their graduation. The courses offered by Canadian universities are industry-oriented, preparing students to easily adapt to work life and perform well. This is yet another positive reason why more Indian students are choosing Canada as their international study destination.

Canada offers a lot of opportunities for Indian students! To know if you are eligible for studying in Canada, contact us for a free assessment.

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