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British Columbia Institute of Technology has re-opened some programs for its Sep’19 intake!

British Columbia

BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology) has re-opened some programs for its Sep’19 intake, the fall. Students have a strong desire for overseas education because abroad education improves the quality of life. Studying abroad and getting employed there makes life professional and more lucrative for an individual.

Canada is a country which offers tremendous facilitation for those who plan their abroad education. It has the world’s best colleges and universities housed there. Canadian Government and universities focus on delivering world-class education at an affordable cost. Canadian institutes have good campus commune systems.

The country is culturally diverse with people from different countries and cultures live there in Canada. People become more socialized with other fellow beings. Experiencing different cultures, lovely weather, high living standards are some of the results of people living and studying in Canada could extract. You have got the right source of information if you are keen about abroad education. Keep reading and know better!

British Columbia

British Columbia, one of the Canadian province which is located in between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. BC marks Canada’s third most populous province with 5.034 million of the estimated population as of 2019.

British Columbia makes money by agriculture, service industries, Resource extraction like farming, logging and mining. Coastal areas witness rain and drizzle whereas non-coastal areas in the south experience warm summers and cold winters. British Columbia breaks the ice for people who are migrated there. Having a thought? Good then!


British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)

          British Columbia Institute of Technology was established in 1964 in the Burnaby region of BC, Canada. BCIT is generously making its progress in educating the students right from its origin. Many skilled graduates are created by BCIT every year. The college has 5 campuses in addition to the main branch. Those branches are,

  • Aerospace Technology Campus
  • Marine Campus
  • Downtown Vancouver Campus
  • Great Northern Way Annacis island Campus

Now, the openings are in the Burnaby Campus and Downtown Campus. Different courses are offered in both branches. The courses are selected corresponding to the market need which results in ample of job opportunities for the grads. Courses offered in BCIT are as listed;

BCIT – Burnaby

Bachelor Programs

  • Bachelor of Science – Ecological Restoration
  • Bachelor of Technology – Environmental Health – Public Health Inspection

Advance Diploma

  • Advanced College Diploma – Technical Arts

2 Year College Diploma

  • Chemical and Environmental Technology
  • Geomatics Engineering Technology
  • Mineral Exploration and Mining Technology
  • Business Management – Advanced Placement
  • Industrial Network Cybersecurity
  • Financial Planning
  • General Insurance and Risk Management
  • Graphic Communications Technology Management
  • Human Resource Management – Advanced Placement
  • International Business Management – Global Supply Chain Option
  • International Business Management – International Business Option
  • Marketing Management – Marketing Communications Option
  • Marketing Management – Professional Sales Option
  • Telecommunications Systems Technician

College Certificate

  • Associate Certificate – Business Fundamentals

BCIT – Downtown

Bachelor Programs

  • Bachelor of Technology – Forensic Investigation – Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity

These courses are chosen with foreseeing the purpose to meet the labour market needs and student needs as well. Specializing in above-listed courses can help the candidate retain a good job with handsome pay. According to the statistics, 96 per cent of the grads from BCIT is employed. This is a golden opportunity for those who plan their overseas education. What are you waiting for? Nothing other than registration, I guess!

Go ahead…

Registration Process

British Columbia Institute of Technology has re-opened some of its programs for the fall intake of 2019! The application deadline is July 1st, 2019! Applying is not chaotic anymore. CanApprove is here to help you.

We, with our experts’ team, are successfully providing immigration and education service for more than 2 decades. CanApprove has changed the lives of many abroad aspirants by helping them attain their dream. Connect with us to know more about BCIT registration process and start your abroad plan now…

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