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Canada the most attractive destination for international students

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Canada is the most attractive study destination for international students, according to the ICEF-graduate Agent Barometer, an annual global education industry survey.
Among the factors that make Canada the most preferred destination for students are affordability, safety and work opportunities. Other decisive factors included study visa requirements, financial issues, safety and security concerns.
Canada offers a number of scholarships to eligible students and they can work off-campus while studying. Canada also provides a range of work opportunities to students, which helps them gain valuable experience in their respective fields during their studies. They also have job opportunities after their studies in Canada itself.
Besides,  the country gives incentives to students who have completed their studies in Canadian colleges and universities to work and settle in Canada. The graduates are given an open work permit called Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP), which is valid up to three years. The work experience gained this way is counted for permanent residence in programs including Canadian Experience Class, Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), and the Quebec Experience Class.
The survey found a fall in students’ interest for destinations such as US and UK. But still, UK continues to be the best destination for English language studies and Foundation programs, and US for Management education.

Barometer Survey

The barometer survey is conducted among the education agents of more than 100 countries. It measures the relative attractiveness of international study destinations among students. The 2017 survey was conducted between September and October and collected responses from 1456 agents.
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