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Alberta Unveils New Path for Tourism and Hospitality Workers

Alberta tourism and hospitality workers

The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) has announced a strategic shift in its immigration strategy, temporarily pausing applications for the popular Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS) while launching a brand new stream specifically targeting the tourism and hospitality industry. 

This move comes in response to a surge in applications and a desire to address critical labor shortages in key sectors.

➡Opening Doors for Experienced Hospitality Professionals

To directly address the pressing staffing needs within Alberta’s vibrant tourism and hospitality sector, the AAIP is unveiling a new dedicated stream on March 1st, 2024. 

The aptly named “Tourism and Hospitality Stream” will target individuals who have already been working in the industry for at least six months and meet the criteria for permanent residency in Alberta.

“This is fantastic news for our industry,” expressed Lisa Glover, President and CEO of the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association. “We desperately need skilled and experienced workers, and this stream provides a clear pathway for them to build a future in Alberta.”

Key requirements for the new stream:

🔴Minimum of 6 months experience in a tourism or hospitality role within Alberta.

🔴Full-time, non-seasonal job offer from an approved employer within the industry.

🔴Meeting established criteria for permanent residency in Alberta.

Alberta Showed the Highest Rates of Retention 

Statistics Canada has released data on provincial retention rates for newcomers both one year and five years after they arrive in Canada.

Most newcomers settle in large cities in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta, in part because of well-established immigrant communities.

Newcomers, particularly those arriving through the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP), are increasingly settling down in the region. This shift signals a potential turning point for Atlantic Canada’s economic and demographic landscape.

Alberta Opportunity Stream on Hold: Addressing Inventory and Focusing Priorities

Effective February 15th, the AAIP has halted processing new applications for the AOS. 

Officials cited the need to manage the current backlog and strategically allocate their limited immigration nominations. 

“[The pause] will allow us to focus on priority sectors like healthcare, technology, and yes, even tourism and hospitality,” explained Minister of Jobs, Economy, and Innovation, Doug Schweitzer. “This ensures we’re attracting the talent we need most to support Alberta’s economic growth.”

Impact and Outlook

The pause on the AOS has generated mixed reactions. 

While some potential applicants express disappointment, industry experts and immigration consultants acknowledge the need for strategic management of application volumes. 

The new Tourism and Hospitality Stream is widely seen as a positive step, offering a tailored solution for a struggling sector while aligning with the AAIP’s focus on priority occupations.

The long-term impact of these changes remains to be seen. 

However, one thing is clear: Alberta’s immigration landscape is evolving, and its focus on attracting and retaining skilled workers in key sectors like tourism and hospitality is more crucial than ever.

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